Verso Studios at the Westport Library

August 1, 2019

We are so proud to be launching Verso Studios at the Westport Library. Verso Studios at the Westport Library refers to the facilities and equipment now available to the public to enable the production of world-class multimedia content. 

The vision for this new venture at the Library is big, bold and revolutionary in the Library landscape. It is about empowering our patrons to unleash their creativity to produce myriad types of content with the space, the tools and technologies and the expertise the Library now has to offer.

From podcasting, photography, videography, music production and more, the possibilities for the community are limitless. Put another way, all you can imagine can come to life right here at the Westport Library!

Our policies and procedures for access and use of the studios, and the associated equipment,are still being finalized. 

What is included in Verso Studios?
Verso Studios at the Westport Library is an unparalleled collection of spaces, equipment and support staff to facilitate the production of myriad types of creative content. In addition to the Library's impressive Forum performance and event space, Verso encompasses the following assets:

Audio Control Room 
Record, refine and produce your next song or album, score your short film or step up your Soundcloud game in our professional recording studio. The studio is equipped for tracking, mixing and mastering all types of music and audio. 

Video Control Room 
Multi-camera HD TV studio with options for coverage of live events as well as taped broadcasts and other content like interviews, photoshoots, You Tube content and more. Thanks to this control room, our multi-camera Forum space can also showcase everything from a keynote speaker to a large orchestral ensemble.All performances are produced with a live stream option while being archived to the Library's website.

Post Production Suite
Three on-site editing stations for refining audio,video, photo and media content. The suite is loaded with basic tools like iMovieand Garage Band as well as professional resources like Adobe Creative Suite, Avid Pro Tools, Logic and Abelton Live.

These kits include a range of equipment like high-end cameras, lenses, lights, and backdrops that allow you to produce professional-quality photoshoots.

Mobile Podcast Station
A station with four mics for capturing podcast content, which "roves" to various locations in the library. Verso has two additional, identical podcast kits- one for use in the library, and one for check out.

Creative Kits
These include several styles of DJ gear, a Mega Media kit for capturing content, and Vid Fun Kits for versatile, adventurous, user-friendly video fun.

When will the studios and equipment be available for public use?
Given the tremendous amount of technology and equipment that needs to be configured, the goal is to have the studios operational and accessible by late summer/early fall. This timeline gives us room to properly configure the facilities for patron use.

Do I need special training before using the studio and/ or gear?
In some case, yes. Some equipment will be accessible and ready to use by the average patron. For example, the Podcast Kit and VidFun Kit will be available for check-out to most patrons without special training.

However, much like our MakerSpace, for access to more sophisticated technologies and gear, there will be workshops and training required before patron use.

What is a Kit?
A kit is how we are referring to bundles of gear and accessories specific to one discipline. For example, the podcast kit includes all you would need to produce a podcast like microphones, headphones, mic stands, cables, etc. The user-friendly kits are designed to be portable, versatile and fun!

Is there an age restriction for use of the studios and equipment?
Certain gear packages have been designed to be used by our younger patrons as well as the general community. However, there will be age requirements for other specific equipment to be determined.

Will there be a fee to use the studios?
Most technology and services will be free however, for specialty projects and extended use, we will have tiered access that will include a fee structure. For example, extended use of the studios for professional purposes, we will have an affordable, yet competitive, pricing structure.

Can I check out these items?
Yes. Some gear will be available for use outside of the Library. The kits that may leave the building are:

Photo/Video Pro Kit (Canon) Photo/Video Kit (Sony)
Vid Fun Kit DJ Classic Rig
DJ Controller Rig CDJ Rig
Mega Media Kit Offsite Podcast Kit
The specific terms of these check-out periods and user agreements are underdevelopment.

For More Information contact:
Jay Miles
Broadcast Studio Production Manager
The Westport Library
20 Jesup Road
Westport, CT 06880

jmiles [at] westportlibrary [dot] org