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Isn't it amazing how the human body & mind work together ...and, so often, without our conscious control?read more

Book Club Bonanza

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I have been enjoying a new book by Lauren Leto. Judging a Book by Its Lover:a Field Guide to the Hearts and Minds of Readers Everywhere makes literate fun of our obsession with books and book clubs.      read more

Think Pink

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Cancer ribbonSince 1985 October has been National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Organized by several major breast cancer charities and established to increase awareness of the disease and raise funds for research, women, both in the United States and internationally, have embraced this cause.  A few months ago I read a book written by Florence Williams, entitled Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History, which totally captured my attention and raised my awareness about breasts and cancer to a whole new level. This is an important book that I think would be a wonderful book for book clubs to read and discuss. In recognition of NBCAM, educating ourselves about this disease and the possible causes is the way to start the more

Read This!

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Read ThisLast week I had the pleasure of joining the Book Chat discussion group that the Westport Library sponsors.  Held on the first Tuesday of each month in the Sheffer Reading Room, this drop in group is the perfect place to go to share what you’ve read and get some new ideas for great books.  Led by Westport resident and prolific reader Nina Sankovitch, this is a group for those who love to read and love to talk about those books that they have enjoyed. read more

Summer’s Hottest Page Turners

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summer readsEvery summer a book comes along that dominates the best seller list and seems to be in the hands of many beachgoers cooling off at the shore.  If you were to guess that this summer Fifty Shades of Grey and its’ sequels were the books that everyone was reading, you would probably be correct.    But the book that currently has the most requests at the Westport Library is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Judging by the press it has received, this psychological thriller has become the hot summer read in Westport and in many other places. Gone Girl seems to have appeared on everyone’s list of recommended summer reads and with good reason – it is that more

Summer Freading

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You may think the title of this entry was misspelled, but it is most definitely not.  I am referring to our downloadable e-book service – Freading.  Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of this fun and easy way to do your summer reading.  With your Westport Library card and your e-reading device, you’ll be on your way – no waiting involved.  With hundreds of titles to choose from, here are a few to get you more


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Yes! You get a second chance to hear the authors who speak at the Library. Programs are podcast on the Library website. If you want a CD of an author talk, we will provide it for you. (kbruce [at] westportlibrary [dot] org)

Lately, memoirs and biographies have been a popular stories and philosophical beliefs with lots to think more

Summer Fun

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Summer bookIn the last two weeks I’ve noticed many newspapers and magazines running their annual ‘summer reads’ or ‘beach reads’ articles.  Because many book clubs often take a break over the summer, this can be the perfect time to catch up on all those fun books that you’ve been looking forward to reading.  On the other hand, I’m often asked by ambitious book clubs to order one of those books that due to their length they never seem to have time to read between September and May. (Most book clubs try to keep their monthly choices to around 300 pages.)  But often a book comes along that exceeds that length and really necessitates a little longer to absorb.  Summer is the perfect time to tackle one of these epic books.  Here are a few more


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DARE ME by Megan Abbott

 A dark and unsettling crime story focused on the inner lives of adolescent girls.

SPRING FEVER by Mary Kay Andrews

Southern romance in a charming novel of unique personalities and clever plot twists.

THE DEMANDS by Mark Billingham

British detective story  that is intricately plotted and unfolds perfectly.

THE LAST TRADE by James Conway

Wall Street treachery is linked to international terrorism in this thriller.

THE CONVICTION by Robert Dugoni

A satisfying legal thriller plot-driven by both complications and  serendipity.

JASMINE NIGHTS by Julia Grigson

A novel of love and loss in London as World War II rages.

BETWEEN YOU AND ME by Nicola Kraus & Emma McLaughlin

The nannies are back with another unstable employer; this time it's a rock star.


A stalker lives at the center of this light-hearted romance.

RISK AGENT by Ridley Pearson

Shanghai thriller with non-stop action, shady characters, violence and double-dealing.


A brilliant & eccentric Cambridge scholar is a healer...or is he?

Read it this way...

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Did you read the Pulitzer award -winning 2010 novel  A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan ? Some high schools assigned it, during study of the post-modern novel. Egan a much- acclaimed fiction writer also has won awards for her frequent articles in the New York Times. Now, she has found a new way to carry forward the tradition of Charles Dickens and other serial fiction writers. Her latest story in The New Yorker is also available via Twitter. "Black Box" is appearing in ten nightly installments from 8-9 pm  @NYerFiction  To catch up on the short story. You may also leave a comment to enter the discussion about this latest fiction format.

Jarret Liotta is a Westport writer who self- published his humorous, satirical novel Space Case as an eBook. Liotta has varied writing experience, including journalism.  Space Case, about an alien and an unhappy human who find each other requires getting in the spirit of goofy fun and suspended disbelief. The characters are distinctly portrayed and the satire of everything from New Age practices to government bureaucracy to management seminars and more permeates the story. Jarret Liotta will be speaking at the Library on Wednesday June 6 at 7:30pm. Find out from him about the eBook publishing process and why it might be a good option. Liotta's blog.

Full disclosure: I am still very partial to the old-fashioned formats of books and magazines...held in my hands, read at my pace, redolent with connections, admired around my home & office, waiting to be visited and re-visited.