For the birds ...

Posted by on Monday, Aug 6, 2007 - 8:30 AM

... and humorous mystery fans!

Donna Andrews readers will be happy to hear that blacksmith (yes, blacksmith!) Meg Langslow, her boyfriend Michael, and the other odd characters who make for one clever and entertaining mystery series, will return shortly in their latest outing, The Penguin Who Knew Too Much.

The title is clever, but not quite as catchy as previous titles in the series such as Owl's Well That Ends Well and We'll Always Have Parrots, but then the forthright title of The Maltese Falcon certainly did not limit that book's critical and commercial success.

There is a mystery series set in Connecticut that features Jonathan Wilder, a bird artist, also a somewhat anachronistic occupation these days.

I recently spoke to someone who has a small business providing Canada Goose removal for harried homeowners and greenskeepers. Now there's a 21st century job description for you. This de-goosing is accomplished - not to worry, safely and humanely - with the assistance of her trained border collies.

What a great idea for a detective. Each case would be something of a wild goose chase. A "green solution," humorous series for dog loving people fed up with geese.



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