Dick Francis is back in the saddle!

Posted by on Thursday, Sep 28, 2006 - 8:44 AM

After a six-year absence, the 86-year-old Dick Francis is in print once again with a new mystery, Under Orders, which stars the ever-popular Sid Halley.

Halley is called in to investigate when three deaths occur during a prestigious racing event: a fan suffers a heart attack, a prize horse dies suddenly after winning a race, and an acclaimed jockey is found dead with three bullets in his chest.

A frequenter of bestseller lists since Whip Hand (1979), Francis is the author of more than forty books, including Field of 13, a volume of short stories.

Fans of horse racing mysteries should note that conveniently located close to Francis on the mystery shelves are the novels of John Francome, a onetime champion jockey, who has published twenty two titles, the latest of which, Winner Takes All (2006), takes place at the Cheltenham Gold Cup, the same event featured in the new Dick Francis book.

Francome provides an exciting insider's view of the racing world, with fast-paced stories that will have you turning the pages at breakneck speed.


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