Exit Through the Gift Shop

Posted by on Tuesday, Jan 11, 2011 - 2:03 PM

Just what is all the scuttlebug about Exit Through the Gift Shop  an inside view of street art with a twist.  The fillm has garnered rave reviews for its look at a most unusual artist.    It has also seen its share of criticism.  Just last week, The New York Times reminded us that this an film that is an " artistic conundrum of a documentary."  Questions about  the movie's veracity have swirled since its opening.  The Times further asked, "Was it a hoax staged by an internationally known cultural prankster or a wry commentary on an overblown art world?"  

Come find out for yourself when the Westport Library shows Exit Through the Gift Shop on Thursday, January 13th at 7 pm in the McManus Room. 

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