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Have you tried it yet?  What is Freading?

Freading is a brand new service at the Westport Library. A different way to borrow books, Freading allows you to borrow eBooks and read them on your computer or on your eReader. Find out more about Freading... or bring your eReader -  (sorry, Kindle is not compatible, except for the Kindle Fire) - into the Library where staff will help you test drive this new service.  There are no holds on titles, because many people may download the same book at the same time. The loan period is two weeks, with one renew possible.

Here are some of the selections featured by  the Library on the Freading home page:

Mudbound by Hillary Jordan

In 1946, a city girl tries to adjust to life on her southern husband's farm. Two men return from the war to work the land and a saga of family, friendship, jealousy, and prejudice unfolds.

When She Woke by Hillary Jordan

In this modern version of The Scarlet Letter, a young girl suffers through the consequences of her love affair and abortion.


Meet Hillary Jordan at the Library on Wednesday March 7 at noon.


Breakfast with Buddha by Roland Merullo

Similar to his book Golfing with God, this story pairs an ordinary, no-nonsense guy with a Buddhist guru. As the pair travels across middle America, a spiritual journey unfolds with wisdom and humor.

1969 by Rob Kirkpatrick

A man on the moon, the "Miracle Mets," Woodstock, Easy Rider, Slaughterhouse-Five by Vonnegut, punk music... read all about it!

Something To Declare by Julia Alvarez

Here are the events that inspired her fiction, as she reveals her family history of self-imposed exile in New York , after they fled the Dominican Republic and her own mastery of assimilation, identity, and her writing career.

The Girl Who Fell from the Sky by Heidi W. Burrow

Autobiography of a biracial girl, orphaned and living with her strict African American grandmother and dealing with society's ideas of race and class.

The Frozen Rabbi by Steve Stern

A mystery, a comedy, a time-travel story...full of Jewish history and requiring a suspension of disbelief to follow the adventures of a rabbi frozen in 1889 and thawed to live on in 1999.

The Ghost of Milagro Creek by Melanie Sumner

Set in a barrio in Taos, New Mexico and narrated by the ghost of a medicine woman, this is a love story that turns tragic.

The Da Vinci Notebooks

Love Leonardo? Here is a collection of his sketches, diagrams & writings on architecture, town planning,  engineering, naval warfare, music, medicine, mathematics, science, and philosophy.  Wow!


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