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Yes! You get a second chance to hear the authors who speak at the Library. Programs are podcast on the Library website. If you want a CD of an author talk, we will provide it for you. (kbruce [at] westportlibrary [dot] org)

Lately, memoirs and biographies have been a popular stories and philosophical beliefs with lots to think about.

Laura Schroff came to the Library along with Maurice Mazyck, the boy she befriended 25 years ago. Their story is told in The Invisible Thread: the True Story of an 11-year-old Panhandler, a Busy Sales Executive and an Unlikely Meeting with Destiny. Maurice is now a college graduate, a small business owner and the father of seven kids. He credits Laura with saving his life. Their story will inspire you to reach out and take a chance, when you see someone who needs help.

Priscilla Gilman spoke here about her memoir The Anti-Romantic Child. Priscilla is the daughter of literary agent Lynn Nesbit and theater drama critic Richard Gilman. The family had a home in Weston and Priscilla was excited to return to the Library where she spent many childhood hours. Her book is a beautiful literary celebration of her exceptional and unconventional son and the joy they have found in the midst of many challenges. Priscilla has left academia for a freer and more varied life which she expresses with her special brand of erudite and joyful observations.

Westport author Frank Deford is a Library regular. He writes fiction and nonfiction and enjoys a stellar reputation as a sportswriter and commentator. He is on the Library Advisory Board. Frank shared many amusing anecdotes from his new memoir Over Time: My Life as a Sportswriter. Sports fans and those who appreciate an intelligent and humorous account of an interesting life among the celebrities of the sports world will savor this book.

Double Life: a Love Story from Broadway to Hollywood is the memoir of Alan Shayne and Norman Sunshine. They came from the "far reaches" of Connecticut to tell their story... a love story and a  testament to the creativity that arises from being your authentic self. Alan started as an actor in New York, worked as a casting agent for David Merrick, as a producer for David Susskind and rose to be president of Warner television. Norman is a well-known  artist with experience in advertising and extensive showings . Together as a couple for fifty years, they were married in 2004.

Jane Maas entertained with stories from her years on Madison Avenue. Her memoir Mad Women compares the popular television series Mad Men with her "I was there" experience in the 1960s. Jane says "Yes, all those shocking stories are true!"  While interviewing for the book, Jane concluded that women could not then and still cannot "have it all"...a subject debated in a recent Atlantic magazine cover article and by numerous commentators.

Pam Belluck is a local journalist with years of New York Times experience. She chose to write about a very unusual character in her book Island Practice. "Nantucket doctor" may bring to mind the image of a fancy medical practice, but this is a very different story. Dr. Tim Lepore is one of a kind...a politically conservative, gun-collecting hunter and often crude person who has exceptional diagnostic and surgical skills, is an expert on tick-borne diseases, and who never turns anyone way from his solo island practice.  Pam tells outrageous  and touching stories about the people of Nantucket...from celebrities to a strange man who lives underground.


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