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There has been some interest expressed recently about reviving the Library's Usual Suspects mystery book discussion group. If you would like to see this happen as well, please contact Jane Murphy by either posting a comment to this blog or sending an jmurphy [at] westportlibrary [dot] org (e-mail )and let her know whether you would prefer daytime or evening sessions.

And now on to the unusual detectives.

What should you wear to a meeting with a serial killer?

In Go to Helena Handbasket, our not-so-very-intrepid heroine, PI Helena Handbasket, has a real need to know.

She has found herself caught up in a case that has spiraled out of control to include not only the aforementioned serial killer but also a major jewel heist, car bombings and the FBI – which is truly remarkable, since the story takes place in the UK.

In this spoof of the crime novel, author Donna Moore pokes fun at every cliché in the genre, much as Ellis Weiner did in Drop Dead, My Lovely.

When Weiner’s PI Pete Ingalls comes to after being knocked unconscious by a pile of books in a Manhattan bookstore, all he remembers are the hard-boiled detective novels he's read. So he dons a fedora and sets himself up in the business.

Ingalls puts in a second anachronistic appearance in The Big Boat to Bye-Bye, which one reviewer called “A sophisticated, very funny pastiche.”


re: Usual Suspects, unusual detectives

Happy 2007!!! it would be much happier if we could get the Usual Suspects gathered together again. I really loved the meetings and Jane was a great moderator. So... evening is best for me too, hope to see you all soon. Thanks

re: Usual Suspects, unusual detectives

As I emailed Jane, I am definitely interested and would prefer evenings!!!!! As I also told Jane, I just finished editing a detective story about a Soviet VIP (in 1987) who dies mysteriously by poison while travelling... Doesn't that sound familiar? And I think one of our next ones involves a serial killer. I wish all a Very Happy New Year! Elizabeth Hanoian

re: Usual Suspects, unusual detectives

Yes! It would be great to see The Usual Suspects reconvene! I would prefer evening- or a Sunday afternoon. Thank you!

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