Mothers in the Movies

Posted by JainaL on Thursday, May 10, 2012 - 11:12 AM

 This Sunday is Mother's Day, so it feels like the perfect time to blog about mothers in the movies. This list isn't necessarily about mothers you would want to have yourself, but of films where the mothers are particularly memorable. Of course, the first thing to come to mind when you think of "I'm so glad my mother isn't like this" is Mommie Dearest. Who can forget Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford screaming "NO WIRE HANGERS!" A mother you would want is Sally Field in Forrest Gump: kind, supportive, and willing to stand up for her child no matter what.

Another strong mother you'd want on your side is Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side, who risks everything for a homeless teenager she takes into her family. And Julia Roberts saves a town and saves her family in Erin Brockovich. But going back to bad moms, I know this isn't a movie, a special mention goes out to Jessica Walter in the tv show Arrested Development, a woman who always says exactly what is on her mind... which is never a good thing.

Spend some time with your mother this weekend picking out a movie in our AV Department.



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