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Posted by SusanM on Thursday, Jan 5, 2012 - 12:44 PM

TVIn last week’s blog, Jaina was kind enough to supply us with a list of the best movies of 2011 that are part of the library’s collection.   Our TV section is one of the most popular areas in our AV collection, so if you are looking for something new to watch, here are some of the year’s best TV shows that are available to check out.  I’ve consulted Entertainment Weekly, Metacritic and The Daily Beast to come with this list that should have at least one show that will appeal to each member of your family.

Breaking Bad – now in its 4th season on the AMC, this series seems to be on everyone’s best list.  Bryan Cranston plays Walter White, a chemistry teacher faced with a diagnosis of terminal cancer.  In order to support his family, Walter turns to manufacturing crystal meth with one of his former students.Walter’s life of crime turns out to be much more exciting than teaching.

Downton Abbey – a PBS favorite soon to start its second season, this Masterpiece Theater production is written by Julian Fellowes (Gosford Park) and follows the lives of the Grantham family and those who serve them in an Edwardian manor house.  Fans of Upstairs, Downstairs take note.

Justified – U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, played by Timothy Olyphant, returns to his hometown in Kentucky and encounters lots of unsavory characters in this modern day western.  This series is based on a novel by Elmore Leonard, Fire in the Hole.

The Good Wife – Julianna Margulies is the ‘good wife’, a lawyer trying to rebuild her career after her politician husband is jailed on corruption charges.  Chris Noth plays the husband in this well written legal/ political drama.

Parks and Recreation – Amy Poehler stars in this comedy about the employees who work for the Parks and Recreation Department of fictional Pawnee, Indiana.  One of the funniest ensemble casts on TV includes Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones as fellow employees in this strange, but lovable, cast of characters.

Modern Family – another terrific ensemble cast in this comedy about a non-traditional modern family.  Now in its 3rd season, this Emmy Award winning show highlights three inter-related families as they deal with the typical stresses and issues of contemporary family life in a way that is both relatable and entertaining.

Friday Night Lights – small town Texas comes alive in this series about a local football team and the Friday night games that bring the whole town together to watch and cheer their team to victory.  This year was the final season for this highly acclaimed family drama.

Boardwalk Empire – Martin Scorsese is both a producer and director for this HBO series set in Atlantic City during the Prohibition Era.  Steve Buscemi stars as a local gangster and politician – the man to see for illegal alcohol.


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