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Posted by MargieF on Wednesday, Nov 23, 2011 - 12:56 PM

Are you an avid traveler?  As you explore a region, do you like to go the hot musical spots?  If your adventures include musical excursions,  you may want to consult the Museyon Guide Music + Travel Worldwide: Touring the Globe through Sounds and Scenes

  This handy paperback which covers 12 different countries, is written by various experts who are well versed in the local musical forms and scenes.  The descriptions of the musical genres of each area are loaded with facts and figures including detailed maps of venue locations, a timeline of historical events, trivia about the musicians, a discography of the area's artists, and color pictures of albums, cities, performers and performing spaces.

Before you go to Mumbai, check out the Indipop chapter.  If business takes you to Chicago, relax at the jazz clubs.  If Beijing is a must stop, be sure to read about and participate in the experimental music places and landmarks.

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