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New mysteries on their way to our shelves!

Adams, Jane A.     Night Vision
While her husband is away investigating the murders of Neil Robinson and journalist Jamie Dale, Naomi Blake remains at home in the Midlands and when she receives harassing phone calls seemingly from the dead journalist, so she turns to old friend, Harry Jones, for help.
"A a heart-pumping, satisfying read."--Publishers Weekly
Amateur sleuth, Suspense     7th in series

Albert, Susan Wittig     Cat's Claw
Pecan Springs TX police chief Sheila Dawson investigates the apparent suicide of a local computer guru, but believes the death is actually linked to a high-profile robbery. China Bayles shares top billing in this one.
Cozy     20th in series (begun in 1992)

Black, Cara     Murder at the Lanterne Rouge
Struggling to be happy for Rene and his new girlfriend in spite of considerable misgivings, Aimee fears her suspicions are correct when the girlfriend disappears at the same time a man with her photograph is found murdered.
"Readers will relish realistic villains and an evocative atmosphere that begs for a trip to the City of Lights."--Publishers Weekly
International, Private investigator     12th in series (begun in 1999)

Canadeo, Anne     Til Death Do Us Pearl
Helping a bride knit shawls for her wedding, the Plum Harbor MA Black Sheep Knitters are shocked when the groom dies days after the marriage ceremony, a situation that compels the group to prove the accused bride's innocence.
Includes knitting instructions.
Cozy, Handicraft     4th in series

Childs, Laura     Agony of the Leaves
Theodesia discovers the body of her ex-boyfriend while catering an event at the Charleston SC Aquarium and begins an investigation despite the belief of emergency responders that his death was an accident.
Includes recipes and tea-related websites
Cozy, Culinary     13th in series

Evans, Mary Anna     Plunder
Working against time as an oil spill in the Gulf encroaches on historical land, Louisiana archaeologist Faye Longchamp and her husband don't expect a double murder and pirate plunder--silver coins that are found and then disappear.
Amateur     7th in series

Greenwood, Kerry     Cooking the Books
Australian baker and investigator Corinna Chapman accepts a catering job on a film set and becomes involved in a number of complications involving nursery rhymes, a tiger named Tabitha, and a corporation with questionable bookkeeping practices.
"To the usual delightfully quirky characters, lovingly detailed descriptions of food and surprising mystery, Greenwood adds several appended medieval recipes."--Kirkus Reviews
Cozy, Culinary, International     6th in series

Gunn, Elizabeth     The Magic Line
Tucson AZ detective Sarah Burke is called to a mass shooting in a quiet residential street that looks like a home invasion gone wrong, but when one of the "dead" victims suddenly escapes, Sarah is charged with finding out what went down and why.
"A stolid, earnest police procedural."--Kirkus Reviews
Police    4th in series

Harris, C. S.     When Maidens Mourn
In a story inspired by The Lady of Shalott, when Gabrielle Tennyson is murdered, aristocratic investigator Sebastian St. Cyr and his new reluctant bride, the fiercely independent Hero Jarvis, find themselves involved in an intrigue concerning the myth of King Arthur, Camelot, and a future poet laureate.
Historical, Regency     7th in series

Lutz, Lisa     Trail of the Spellmans
Struggling with wacky family activities, secrets and feuds, San Francisco  private investigator Isabel Spellman avoids Henry Stone by spending time drinking with his mother and tackling eccentric cases that seem suspiciously pointless.
"Dry, biting humor."--Publishers Weekly
Humorous, Private investigator     5th in series

Reed, Mary     Nine for the Devil
548. The Empress Theodora has died of a disease. Or so everyone in Constantinople, capital of the Roman Empire, believes. Everyone except Emperor Justinian, who orders John, his Lord Chamberlain, to find her murderer or suffer the consequences.
Historical, International     9th in series

Spencer, Sally     Blackstone and the Great War
Surrounded by young men less than half his age, Inspector Blackstone must face the horror of modern warfare and the prejudices of the officer class if he is to gain justice for the murdered grandson of a British general.
Will appeal to fans of Charles Todd's Rutledge
1910s, Police     9th in series

White, Randy Wayne     Chasing Midnight
Sneaking an underwater look at a notorious Russian black marketeer's fancy yacht, marine biologist and sometime investigator Doc Ford surfaces to discover that the marketeer's private Florida island has been taken over by environmental extremists who threaten to kill one hostage every hour until their demands are met.
Amateur, Suspense     19th in series (begun in 1990)



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