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Three popular mystery series are back after a few years absence.

dark and stormy night coverAfter seven years, Dorothy Martin returns in A Dark and Stormy Night by Jeanne M. Dams.  

Dorothy is one of my favorite characters.  When she and her husband, the now-retired Chief Constable Alan Nesbitt, are invited to a country house weekend, they expect nothing more explosive than the Guy Fawkes fireworks. Having read every Agatha Christie ever written, Dorothy should have known better. Rendered isolated and incommunicado by a storm, the duo nevertheless manage to work out what in the world has been happening at ancient Branston Abbey.


shadows of a down east summerAfter six years, Maggie Summer returns in Shadows of a Down East Summer by Lea Wait.

Maggie, an antique print dealer and an expert on 19th-century American art, returns to Weymouth, Maine where, in the summer of 1890, two young women posed for artist Winslow Homer. What happened that summer—the secrets they kept and the lies they told—changed their families forever. Now Maggie finds herself the owner of the secret diary one of the girls kept that reveals the truth no one knows … and that at least one person is willing to kill to conceal.


one of our thursdays is missing coverAfter four years, Thursday Next returns in One of Our Thursdays is Missing by Jasper Fforde.

An imminent war compels the Council of Genres to enlist the written Thursday to emulate her real retired living self on a peace-keeping mission up the Metaphoric River, a journey that reveals a fiendish plot.  If this doesn’t make any sense to you at all, don’t worry.  Fforde’s books are uchronian fiction.  What’s a uchronia? You could call it sort of a parallel universe. 


The author describes his writing as “An odd mix of Fantasy, Crime and Sci-fi. There's romance, too, and literary stuff, and satire, and ... well, you name it. “

Also available on compact disc

Fforde's books have an extensive cult following and fans hold an annual event called … are you ready? … The Fforde Fiesta … which is described as three days of “inspired lunacy” including lego Taj Mahal building speed trials. 

Sounds like fun!



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