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DARE ME by Megan Abbott

 A dark and unsettling crime story focused on the inner lives of adolescent girls.

SPRING FEVER by Mary Kay Andrews

Southern romance in a charming novel of unique personalities and clever plot twists.

THE DEMANDS by Mark Billingham

British detective story  that is intricately plotted and unfolds perfectly.

THE LAST TRADE by James Conway

Wall Street treachery is linked to international terrorism in this thriller.

THE CONVICTION by Robert Dugoni

A satisfying legal thriller plot-driven by both complications and  serendipity.

JASMINE NIGHTS by Julia Grigson

A novel of love and loss in London as World War II rages.

BETWEEN YOU AND ME by Nicola Kraus & Emma McLaughlin

The nannies are back with another unstable employer; this time it's a rock star.


A stalker lives at the center of this light-hearted romance.

RISK AGENT by Ridley Pearson

Shanghai thriller with non-stop action, shady characters, violence and double-dealing.


A brilliant & eccentric Cambridge scholar is a healer...or is he?

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Did you read the Pulitzer award -winning 2010 novel  A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan ? Some high schools assigned it, during study of the post-modern novel. Egan a much- acclaimed fiction writer also has won awards for her frequent articles in the New York Times. Now, she has found a new way to carry forward the tradition of Charles Dickens and other serial fiction writers. Her latest story in The New Yorker is also available via Twitter. "Black Box" is appearing in ten nightly installments from 8-9 pm  @NYerFiction  To catch up on the short story. You may also leave a comment to enter the discussion about this latest fiction format.

Jarret Liotta is a Westport writer who self- published his humorous, satirical novel Space Case as an eBook. Liotta has varied writing experience, including journalism.  Space Case, about an alien and an unhappy human who find each other requires getting in the spirit of goofy fun and suspended disbelief. The characters are distinctly portrayed and the satire of everything from New Age practices to government bureaucracy to management seminars and more permeates the story. Jarret Liotta will be speaking at the Library on Wednesday June 6 at 7:30pm. Find out from him about the eBook publishing process and why it might be a good option. Liotta's blog.

Full disclosure: I am still very partial to the old-fashioned formats of books and magazines...held in my hands, read at my pace, redolent with connections, admired around my home & office, waiting to be visited and re-visited.

Rick & Jonathan

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Not everybody likes to read essays. Give me a book of good essays and I am so happy!  My reading pleasure these days comes from two books of literary essays by writers who are skillful, graceful, and, of course, more

Older & Wiser

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For those who share my demographic (Remember Bill Haley & Rock Around the Clock?) these books ameliorate feelings of isolation which you will recognize.  Each author dives into the fears and frustrations, the joys and sorrows, the satisfactions and regrets that intensify as we more


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Have you tried it yet?  What is Freading?

Freading is a brand new service at the Westport Library. A different way to borrow books, Freading allows you to borrow eBooks and read them on your computer or on your eReader. Find out more about Freading... or bring your eReader -  (sorry, Kindle is not compatible, except for the Kindle Fire) - into the Library where staff will help you test drive this new service.  There are no holds on titles, because many people may download the same book at the same time. The loan period is two weeks, with one renew possible.

Here are some of the selections featured by  the Library on the Freading home page:

Mudbound by Hillary Jordan

In 1946, a city girl tries to adjust to life on her southern husband's farm. Two men return from the war to work the land and a saga of family, friendship, jealousy, and prejudice unfolds.

When She Woke by Hillary Jordan

In this modern version of The Scarlet Letter, a young girl suffers through the consequences of her love affair and abortion.


Meet Hillary Jordan at the Library on Wednesday March 7 at noon.


Breakfast with Buddha by Roland Merullo

Similar to his book Golfing with God, this story pairs an ordinary, no-nonsense guy with a Buddhist guru. As the pair travels across middle America, a spiritual journey unfolds with wisdom and humor.

1969 by Rob Kirkpatrick

A man on the moon, the "Miracle Mets," Woodstock, Easy Rider, Slaughterhouse-Five by Vonnegut, punk music... read all about it!

Something To Declare by Julia Alvarez

Here are the events that inspired her fiction, as she reveals her family history of self-imposed exile in New York , after they fled the Dominican Republic and her own mastery of assimilation, identity, and her writing career.

The Girl Who Fell from the Sky by Heidi W. Burrow

Autobiography of a biracial girl, orphaned and living with her strict African American grandmother and dealing with society's ideas of race and class.

The Frozen Rabbi by Steve Stern

A mystery, a comedy, a time-travel story...full of Jewish history and requiring a suspension of disbelief to follow the adventures of a rabbi frozen in 1889 and thawed to live on in 1999.

The Ghost of Milagro Creek by Melanie Sumner

Set in a barrio in Taos, New Mexico and narrated by the ghost of a medicine woman, this is a love story that turns tragic.

The Da Vinci Notebooks

Love Leonardo? Here is a collection of his sketches, diagrams & writings on architecture, town planning,  engineering, naval warfare, music, medicine, mathematics, science, and philosophy.  Wow!

Authors - up close.

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Have you ever finished a book and wondered about the ending? Or, about how the author chose  the subject or  characters? Or, if the author considered a different storyline?  At the Library, you have the opportunity to converse with many authors.

In February, these authors will be speaking at the Library. Their books are available at the more


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You have seen and heard much about the life of Steve Jobs lately...including the fact that he was adopted. His birth parents met as graduate students at the University of Wisconsin.His birth mother gave him up, because her father did not accept his birth father's being Syrian. After her father's death, Joanne Simpson married Jobs' father and they had another child, the novelist Mona Simpson. Simpson's 1987 novel, Anywhere But Here is dedicated to her mother and her brother Steve. However, the siblings first met at a promotional party for the book, where Mona revealed to Jobs that they were sister and brother. Steve Jobs was 32.

They forged a close relationship and their strong similarities influenced Jobs to modify his previous belief that experience trumped genetics. Steve Lohr of the New York Times has speculated that learning about his birth family had  the effect of "calming fatalism" in Jobs.

Simpson's fiction has been awarded several prizes including a Whiting Prize, a Guggenheim, a grant from the NEA, a Pen Faulkner finalist, and a Literature Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. She has published five novels; her 1996 book A Regular Guy told the story of a college drop-out who invented a new kind of business, starting out in his parents' basement.

Mona Simpson writes complex characters with shifting alliances, strong family ties and stories that derive from their interior motivations.

Birds of Paradise

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In Birds of Paradise, Diana Abu-Jaber  creates a world of sensuous immersion reminiscent of Diane Ackerman's  non-fiction gems. But this is a novel, the story of a family whose 13-year-old daughter has run away "for good."read more

Sybil's List: fiction

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She did it again! Somehow Sybil Steinberg covered forty-some books in her latest book talk at the Library .read more

Time Travel

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Historical fiction seems to be a favorite among our **Book Chat attendees. Today, we heard about The Long Song by Andrea more