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Posted by on Monday, May 16, 2011 - 12:00 PM

Your resume, alone, will not land you a job.  But it could well make the difference between getting an interview or being passed over for consideration.  Here are some things you can do, at no cost to you, to make your resume attract the interest of employers.

JobNow! is a valuable service that Westport Library pays for so you can use it free of charge.  Use it to improve your resume, and also to practice interviewing.  Submit your existing resume, or fill in one of their templates to create a new one, and a JobNow! expert will get back to you with suggestions.  Everyone may access JobNow! on library computers; Westport residents may also use it from outside the library. (For outside access for residents of other towns, check to see whether your local library subscribes to JobNow!)

Today's jobseekers need at least 2 versions of resumes:   the beautifully-formatted version printed on nice bond paper to present to interviewers and contacts, and the plain-text version to submit online.  Online resumes are scanned by software that does not understand bullets, bold, or italics, so you need to set up your resume specifically for online use.  Read excellent articles on resume types on one of our favorite jobseeker websites: the Riley Guide.


Sometimes a book is the handiest way to find useful information.  The library offers many books on resumes and cover letters.  Check them out!


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