Download Music

Downloadable Music - What Do I Need?

•  A Westport Library Card
•  A device or computer to listen to the audiobooks
•  Access to the Internet

For more information about all of our downloadable services, check out this handy Resource Guide.

Downloadable Music from Freegal

Find new music or old favorites, and download 5 DRM-free songs per week with your library card.

How does it work?

1.    Log in with your library card and find a song you would like. Click Download Now and save the file to your computer.
2.    Listen to the song preview to find what you want to download.
3.    Once the song is on your computer, you can put it on any MP3 player or listen to it with any media player. There is no Digital Rights Management attached to the file.
4.    After you have downloaded 5 songs, return the following week, beginning Monday, to get 5 more.
5.    iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (iTunes) and Android (Google Play) users can download the Freegal App to download directly to your device.

Need help?

•   Read Freegal's FAQ by logging into Freegal first, and then click on the "FAQ" link in the upper right hand corner.
•   customerservice [at] westportlibrary [dot] org (Contact us)

Downloadable Music from Hoopla Digital

With Hoopla Digital, stream full albums for one-week checkouts from thousands of artists. After one week, the album cannot be played anymore. (Unlike Freegal, you do not keep the music).

If you are using the Hoopla App on an iOS or Android device, you can temporarily download the album for the one-week checkout.

Please find detailed instructions for using Hoopla Digital here.