Podcasts (Finance)

Pogue's Basics
December 10, 2016

Westport author and tech expert David Pogue returns with his new book Pogue’s Basics: Money: Essential Tips and Shortcuts (That No One Bothers to Tell You) About Beating the System on December 10, 2016.

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Lori Price
December 5, 2016

Financial advisor Lori Price described tools to estimate how much you can spend so you don't outlive your money on December 5, 2016.

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Value Line
May 5, 2016

Jason Wiseberg, Executive Vice President of Sales at Value Line Publishing, demonstrated ways to use the online platform to utilize the investment research reports and data to make informed investment decisions on May 5, 2016.

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MoneySmart Week
April 27, 2016

Robin Sherwood of HTG Investment Advisors and elder care expert Liz Miller specializing discussed legal and financial issues associated with planning for long-term care of aging relatives on April 27,2016.

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Aya Beckles Swanson
April 12, 2016

Get the inside scoop on how to find funding and attract small business lenders from Aya Beckles Swanson, VP Community Lending at Community Investment Corporation from April 12, 2016.

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Tom Figgatt
February 23, 2016

Tom Figgatt, tax and accounting specialist for small business and individuals, discussed his method of tax "CPR" by helping clients comply with tax laws in a timely manner and by tax planning to minimize current and future tax liabilities on February 23, 2016.

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Leslie Bennetts
November 10, 2015

Leslie Bennetts, journalist and bestselling author of The Feminine Mistake, shares empowering insights from four decades of work covering women's issues from November 10, 2015.

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Jim Pratt-Heaney
April 24, 2015

Jim Pratt-Heaney of LLBH Private Wealth Management discussed how to build a healthy portfolio for life, despite the "catastrophe du jour" on April 24, 2015.

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Women and Wealth Panel
April 23, 2015

Local financial professionals discuss steps to secure your future, starting today, from April 23, 3015. 

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Business Loan Image
April 21, 2015

Patrick Lorent and Buck Harris discussed the criteria, information, process and strategies involved securing one for your business. Dick Kelsey moderated on April 21, 2015.

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