The '60s Music Scene

Monday, Aug 14, 2017 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

With the 50th anniversary of the Doors' concert at Staples HS rapidly approaching, a panel discussion will explore the 1960s music scene both locally and nationally. The panel will feature Staples alumni who have had successful music careers—and got their starts locally—including one musician whose band opened for the Doors at Staples, another musician whose band played on WICC back in the day, and a DJ who started out at WICC and was part of the fabled Good Guys radio staff at WMCA during its 1960s heyday. Moderated by Dan Woog, the panel includes DJ Ed Baer, songwriter Charlie Karp and musician Brian Keane. 

This talk is in conjunction with the Westport Historical Society's Exhibit "The High School That Rocked." The exhibit runs June 16-September 2 and includes a clip from the documentary short from producer Fred Cantor, The High School That Rocked!  #WestportRocksSummerFestival

Dan Woog is a native Westporter. He attended virtually all of the key Staples concerts, starting with the Beau Brummels when he was in 7th grade. When he regained his hearing he graduate from Staples and Brown University. A freelance writer, he has published 17 books; written for publications including the New York Times and Sports Illustrated, and been hired by dozens of corporate clients. His “06880” blog draws current and former Westporters together in an online community. He is also the longtime boys soccer coach at Staples High School, a former Youth National Coach of the Year, and a member of the Connecticut Soccer Hall of Fame.

Ed Baer, Staples '54, is a retired popular DJ whose career in the New York metro area spanned close to 60 years. Ed got his start at WICC and was the MC when Connie Francis had her first Top Ten hit and made an appearance at a Staples sock hop in 1958. In 1961, Ed joined the fabled Good Guys team at WMCA in New York City and remained part of that staff during the station's heyday in the sixties. Through his show and related promotional events, Ed interacted with some of the decade's biggest stars. In subsequent years, Ed worked at other prominent radio stations including WHN, WCBS and WHUD, where his well-known shows such as "Ed Baer Affair" and "Pop Rewind" aired.

Charlie Karp, Staples '71, is an award-winning songwriter, singer and guitarist. His professional start began in 1970, when he was chosen to record with Buddy Miles. Charlie recorded four albums, including the renowned "Them Changes" LP, and toured internationally with Miles through 1972, when he formed his own band with David Hull, White Chocolate, and signed with RCA Records. Over the years, Charlie has written songs for and/or recorded with a wide range of prominent artists including Joan Jett, Joe Perry, Arthur Lee, and Danny Kortchmar.

Brian Keane, Staples '71, is an American composer, music producer, musician and guitarist. He has composed the music for hundreds of films and television shows and produced over a hundred record albums and won Grammys, Emmys and Peabodys. Keane is known as one of the most prominent composers of his era in scoring television documentaries and is a leading producer of world music. More...

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