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Tuesday, Nov 5, 2013 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

arduino boardLearn how to use the Arduino board, a small programmable electronics board. The Fairfield County Makers' Guild will teach the SIX SESSIONS for anyone with an interest in electronic circuits and the ability to learn coding. Anyone can attend, and this will be of special interest to those who attended the overview session on July 31st. Each session will focus on a new problem(s)! Register online.

The sessions are scheduled from 7:00-8:30 PM: on:
Monday - August 26th - Digital I/O :Buttons and LEDs will be used together. More complex interaction than just turning a LED on and off will also be introduced and used during the lab.

 Monday - September 9th -Serial Communication: Introduction to the serial communication capability of the Arduino with a computer. This can be used in debugging and for extra control of a project. (Come to this session at 6:30 if you would like a 1/2 overview of some of the essential concepts of ELECTRICITY related to the use and functioning of the ARDUINO.)

Monday - September 30th-Analog Input: Many forms of sensors/inputs use an analog voltage to indicate their state. This class will show how to read those voltages and use the information in a project. Potentiometers, Flex Sensors, and Photoresistors will be used in experiments.

Monday - October 7th- Analog Output: PWM (pulse width modulation) can be used to set the brightness of an LED. It can also be used to control a servo.

Tuesday - October 15th- Power: Often devices such as motors and relays will require more current (Amps) than the Arduino can provide. We will introduce the use of transistors, and also offer some alternative methods.

Tuesday - November 5th -Interfacing with External Chips: Sometimes a microcontroller by itself is not capable of doing everything required by a project, so external chips are required to get the job done. In this instance we will experiment with using a shift register to get more output pins.There are 20 spots available to work with a Library Arduino Kit (Two people will share each kit. If you sign up alone you will be paired with another registered person.) You must bring a laptop with the Arduino IDE installed (it's a free software). 

 (Here is a link to the Guide book that we will be using.)

There are also 20 spots available if you have your own kit.

If the hands-on registration is full when you register, please register to observe and learn more about the potential of the Arduino Boards!

If you are using a kit from the library ONE of the two people sharing will need to have a laptop with the ARDUINO software installed:

We will be using the Sparkfun Inventor's Kit for the class. As stated above the Westport Library is providing 10 kits to be shared by 20 participants for use at the workshop only.  Sparkfun has come out with a new version of the kit (V3). It's basically the same thing we have been using with minor changes and they added an LCD screen and a few more projects.  Here is the link:, if you wish to purchase your own. 

McManus Room
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