Assistive Technology: Tools for Students with Learning Disabilities

Wednesday, Feb 8, 2017 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Reading and language arts specialist Shelley Lacey-Castelot, ATACP, MS discusses ways to use technology to bridge the gap between performance and potential and help reading, writing, note-taking and other essential skills. This overview will include a discussion of smart choices in AT for students in middle school, high school and beyond. Adult to middle school ages

Community partner: Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities 

Shelley Lacey-Castelot, ATACP, MS is an expert in the use of assistive technology (AT) for students with learning disabilities. She is the Director and owner of Literacy Solutions, providing evaluations and instructional design for reading, writing and math AT use at home and at school, and an authority on the use of speech-recognition software. A former teacher, she is a certified reading and language arts consultant as well as holding her ATACP certificate in assistive technology.

McManus Room
Talks & Readings
Grade6, Grade7, Grade8, Grade9

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