Author Mary-Lou Weisman on her New Memoir

Wednesday, Nov 1, 2017 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Join bestselling author and personal essayist Mary-Lou Weisman for the launch of her new memoir Playing House in Provence: How Two Americans Became a Little Bit French. Mary-Lou and Larry Weisman love to travel, but they don't like being tourists. They want to live the authentic local life, shop for food, make friends and be regulars at their small-town cafe. They want to become so French that even Americans won't like them.

As tourists-on-the-loose in a foreign town, they can't resist pausing in front of a realtor's office to view the listings, choosing the house they like best, calculating the price of a one-month rental in dollars, and indulging their fantasy. One day, while wandering through a lovely medieval town in Provence, they decide to transform their fantasy into reality. Follow them on their sometimes wonderful, sometimes humiliating, always hilarious pursuit, as they learn that feeling disoriented and stupid on a daily basis can be fun. So can looking up French words they need to ask for directions – où est la pharmacie?—only to realize that there's pas une chance that they will understand the answer.

Best known for her social satire, Mary-Lou Weisman has written many travel columns for The New York Times and was a contributing commentator for Public Interest Radio's "Savvy Traveler." She is the author of four books: Intensive Care: A Family Love Story, the bestselling My Middle-Aged Baby Book, Al Jaffee's Mad Life and Traveling While Married, to which this new book is a sequel.

Excerpt from her new book: If you've ever fallen in love with a place while on vacation and wondered what it would be like to live there for more than a usual vacation's worth of time, you're my reader. Step right into a vicarious travel experience as Larry Lawyer and I try to make ourselves at home in Provence. Stay with us — we've got a virtual guest room — as we spend a month in each of four consecutive years in the pretty, medieval town of L'Isle sur la Sorgue - pronounced 'Leel sur la Sorg' - in the heart of Provence." Don't worry if you can't speak or understand French. Hang out with us for a while and you'll speak it as badly as we do.

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