Exploring Foster Care and Adoption

Wednesday, Jun 13, 2018 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Foster care and adoption recruitment specialist Jacqueline Ford, MSW, will speak about foster care and adoption needs in Connecticut. Having been with the Department of Children and Families for 25 years, Jacqueline has an understanding of the journey that foster children and foster parents travel on together. Through her lens, she will provide information about the Heart Gallery, an exhibit of photographs, biographies, videos and paintings of children available for adoption, as well as the process for becoming a foster or adoptive parent, respite provider or mentor. Guide to Foster Care.

Connecticut has a need to find foster and adoptive families for children who need them. If you are interested in learning about foster care and adoption, please join us.

Partner & location: Westport-Weston YMCA, 14 Allen Raymond Lane, Westport

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