Happy First Birthday MakerSpace!

Wednesday, Jul 17, 2013 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Celebrate the one-year anniversary of the MakerSpace, a structure that was built last summer for people to create a wide range of things from puppets to inventions produced on a 3D printer. The Westport Library has become a nationwide role model in the growing trend towards the establishment of makerspaces in libraries, expanding the role of libraries in communities.

Join the fun, which will include an acknowledgment of two 1930s GeeBee racer model airplanes, the first project begun in the MakerSpace. Guest speakers will include Director Maxine Bleiweis, Asst. Director Bill Derry and builder Joseph Schott, who oversaw the construction of the planes, now suspended from the ceiling. Honored guest Norma Granville, daughter of Zantford Granville (chief designer of Granville Brothers aircraft company that built the original GeeBee racers), will be there as well.

Plus, these special treats:

  •  A fun Maker activity
  •  Remote-controlled planes
  •  A special, amazing birthday cake

Don’t miss this fun summer birthday party!

Maker Collage

Maker Movement

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