Heartwarming Documentaries for December: "Obit. Life on Deadline"

Tuesday, Dec 5, 2017 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM

In December view documentaries curated by the Patron Services staff. These touching and inspiring stories will have you re-considering non-fiction films.

Obit. Life on Deadline presents the small staff of obituary writers at The New York Times who, every morning, deposit the details of three or four extraordinary lives into the cultural memory—each life’s story spun amid the daily beat of war, politics, and football scores. It’s amazing what goes on in the obits. There are only a handful of editorial obituary writers in the world, and none are better than at The Times, where obits have become some of the best writing in journalism. The writers de-emphasize the death, and tell stories of lives lived in extraordinary ways, often below the radar. With this comes uncommon insights – insights only the rare obituary writer could have – into the passage of generations, the astonishing cycle of life, the ebb and flow of time, and culture as it appears to accelerate and vanish at the same time. (2016; 1h 33m)

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