Countdown to College: Post-Secondary Transition Challenges for Students with ADHD and LD

Tuesday, Apr 4, 2017 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Disability advocate, attorney and motivational speaker Robert Tudisco discusses the difficult transition from high school to college for students diagnosed with ADHD & LD. Despite their intelligence and enormous potential, this transition involves a variety of social and legal changes that many students and parents are not equipped to address. This puts them at high risk to fail, despite their high potential. If addressed proactively, however, the challenges of this transition can be reduced dramatically so these students can have the opportunity to maximize their potential, and not just survive in the post-secondary environment, but to thrive there.

This workshop will address many of the social and legal changes and discuss practical strategies for students to reach their full potential. The presentation will include such topics as:

  • IEPS and making the most of Transition Planning,
  • Converting 504 plans to reasonable accommodation requests in college,
  • High Stakes Testing Accommodations
  • Understanding FERPA and proactively addressing the flow of information,
  • Developing strategies to provide structure, support and accountability while away at school
  • Diversion of medication and what parents and students need to know, 

Robert M. Tudisco is a practicing attorney with law firm of Barger & Gaines and is an adult diagnosed with ADHD. Tudisco has written extensively on special education law, disability advocacy, and ADHD in the criminal justice system. He is a leading voice in the ADHD community and a frequent media resource on ADHD-related topics for CBS News, ABC News, The Today Show, CNN, and the BBC, and a contributor to the New York Times Magazine and ADDitude Magazine.

Community partner: Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities 

The Westport Library strives to help students meet their goals as they prepare for college. This series, Countdown to College, aims to provide resources for students and parents to help students to prepare academically, socially and emotionally for college.
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