It’s a Drag

Saturday, Mar 18, 2017 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Join the Westport Library, Toquet Hall, the Triangle Community Center and the Staples High School Gender Sexualities Alliance for an exploration of gender identity, performance, and fun! The evening will feature a panel discussion and performance by four local drag queens. This is a rare opportunity to attend a drag show at an all-age venue. This event is FREE and open to all students in grades 8-12. Register online. 

We are also looking for students to do a lip-sync performance as their drag queen or king alter-ego. Please submit performer information using this form.

Note location: Toquet Hall, 58 Post Road East

The performers are:

Kiki Lucia is a New Haven-based drag performance artist with a background that includes classical ballet, aerial acrobatics, music theatre, modern dance and acting, as well as theatre production, directing, and costume and production design and producing. She regularly performs throughout Connecticut and has appeared at events in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York. Some notable performances include Sarah Sanderson in Hocus Pocus Live, Roxie Hart in Chicago, and as a featured performer in 3 different productions of Escapade: An Unusual Experience! She also hosts her own monthly show at Partners Café in New Haven. When not performing, Kiki uses her experience as a non-profit and fundraising professional to raise awareness and funds for many LGBTQ+ organizations and causes, as well as serves as a member of the Imperial Sovereign Court of All Connecticut, Inc.

Cassandra Fiore has been entertaining audiences for 20 years including many CT nightclubs. She has used her persona to raise funds for those less fortunate in our community. She works with many charitable causes through her work with the Imperial Sovereign Court of All Connecticut. She’s received numerous awards, the most prestigious; The Double Eagle, a lifetime achievement award. She was honored by Triangles Community Center of Norwalk in 2012 for her community work. She now enjoys performing with her gal pals in local shows such as CT’s # 1 Drag show held at 168 York Street or Ladies of Illusion.

Mia E Z'Lay is a colorful cartoon queen who leaves her audiences wondering, "Can I get a refund?" She can do it all... Except sing. Don't ask her to sing.

Robin Banks is the love child of a one night stand between a Carnival Barker and a Lucille Ball impersonator. She has been the host of New Haven's drag show The #1 Drag Show in CT over 10 years. If she doesn't make you laugh you probably weren't paying attention. 

Toquet Hall Teen Center
High School, Grade 9, Grade 8
Grade9, Grade8

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