Photographer Sandi Haber Fifield on Her New Book, After the Threshold

Tuesday, Sep 17, 2013 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM

After the ThresholdThroughout her career, fine art photographer Sandi Haber Fifield has worked with multiple images to create narrative pieces that transcend the formal elements of photography confined to a single moment. The associations she makes result in composites of four, sometimes three images, often rendered in soft focus, which are like visual poems reconstructed from memory or dreams. Hear her talk about her work and new  book, After the Threshold.

Sandy Fifield"Sandi Haber Fifield's photographs float on the colors of memory, mood, feeling, and suggestion. They combine the indistinctness of memory with the imperfections of photography to produce elusive, incomplete reconstructions of times, events, and sentiments at the far reaches of perception."—Vicki Goldberg

Fifield was born in Youngstown, Ohio. She has a MFA in photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and notable museums throughout the United States.

McManus Room
After the Threshold

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