Rain Garden Basics

Monday, May 13, 2019 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

“Rain Gardens” are one of the fastest growing areas of gardening interest offering solutions for encouraging water conservation and handling stormwater runoff. Learn about best practices including what to plant where and the necessary elements for a successful Rain Garden with Eliot Snaith, a teacher and designer of sustainable systems. 

Note location: Earthplace, 10 Woodside Lane, Westport

Eliot Snaith has spent the last few years traveling the country delving deeper into her ecological education and working in a wide variety of agricultural and horticultural settings. Working with both large scale ranching and small scale home-gardening, Eliot has a unique perspective and excitement which she loves to share. 

Community Partners: The Westport Library, Earthplace, Sustainable Westport, The Westport Garden Club, Westport Conservation Department

More on Rain Gardens at Groundwater Foundation
Guide to "Understanding Stormwater" from westportct.gov.

Eliot Snaith photo credit Derek Fankhauser

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