Riverwalk Display Case Exhibit: "CATCH OF THE DAY" Refuse Sculpture by Daniel Lanzilotta

Thursday, May 11, 2017 - Thursday, Jul 20, 2017

See this exhibit of plastic-refuse sculpture by Westport artist, chef and environmentalist Daniel Lanzilotta.

On display May 11-July 21.

Opening reception: Wednesday, May 31 from 6:15-7 pm in the McManus Room. A talk by Lanzilotta on environmental issues will be at 7 pm, followed by a discussion led by Earthplace staff on what we can do in Westport to address and remedy some of the issues raised.

Family Program: "Catch of the Day" Workshop on Staurday, June 3 from 2:30-3:30 pm in the McManus Room

Dan Woog's 06880 blog: "Daniel Lanzilotta’s Trashy Art"

Environmental artist Daniel Lanzilotta calls himself a "plastician," meaning that he works primarily with plastic waste, detritus, rubbish, fragments of litter, trash, and flotsam and jetsom. "My art supply store," he says, "is the environment that we live in, and my artistic mission is to bring great significance to the seemingly insignificant." 

A longtime Westport resident who recently moved to Brooklyn, Lanzilotta says his work is inspired and influenced by Gestalt Philosophy, specifically by German psychologist Kurt Koffka's principal idea that the whole of anything is greater than the sum of its parts. Lanzilotta's "whole" invites viewers to find increased value and richness in the common and mundane. Since the world has become plasticized, he rescues plastic debris from landfills, oceans, beaches, other waterways and also the streets, and gives the wasted, discarded materials a new purpose—significance, beauty, a new vision.

“I look for a use for each object other than its original intended purpose," notes Lanzilotta, "and I manipulate elements to recreate objects of intrigue, conversation and discovery. The most insignificant piece of debris becomes ‘other than itself’. In return, I hope viewers of these pieces also become ‘other’ than themselves, and discover beauty in these cast-offs through their repurposed design, color, form, movement and ornamentation.”

CT Fashion Magazine Article: "The Ebb and Flow of Daniel Lanzilotta"

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