Songwriting Workshop: Music & Emotions

Wednesday, Sep 25, 2019 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

How do composers and songwriters create music out of nothing? Why do songs make us feel? How can we accomplish this with our own music? Chase Jackson, professional musician, music producer and educator, presents this two-hour, two-part workshop open to all experience levels to explore the connections between songwriting and emotion. The first part will provide a structure to demystify the logic and emotional appeal behind chords, notes and melodies. The second will dive into lyric writing through analysis and in-class activities that will expose participants to some pragmatic lyrical writing tools and concepts they can use in their own songwriting. This workshop is open to ages 14 and up. No prior songwriting, composition or musical experience is required. Register online.

The Westport Library is pleased to be working together with the Westport Schools and other community organizations to support the social and emotional development of its students and their families through the RULER Approach (an evidence-based approach for integrating social and emotional learning into schools). See further information on RULER at

Chase Jackson is a multifaceted professional musician, music producer and educator based in Los Angeles, CA. Born in Oakland, California, Chase Jackson began playing music at an early age. He studied jazz composition and performance at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, politics at Oberlin College and completed his masters in music at the University Of Southern California. Chase has performed his original music throughout Europe, Asia and the United States. He has also had his music placed on major TV networks including The CW, MTV & TNT.

Chase currently lives in Los Angeles where he is involved in a multitude of original projects that include modern jazz, film music, live electronic music and working with artists in a wide range of genres including acoustic folk, pop, hip-hop and R&B. Chase regularly performs on vibraphone, marimba, guitar, bass, and keyboards. Through all these projects, Chase aims to combine his experience with musical tradition with the spirit of innovation and exploration.

Room 210 (Board Room)

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