WestportWRITES: Mini-Conference on Creative Writing and Social Justice

Sunday, Apr 30, 2017 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Do you believe that the art of writing belongs to all people, regardless of race, educational background or economic status? Do you wish to learn about the impact that finding one’s creative voice has for people living with poverty, trauma, disability, homelessness, incarceration or other stresses? Aaron Zimmerman of New York Writers Coalition, and Chris Belden, Jenipher Sage-Robison, Linda Waterbury and other leaders and participants from Westport Writers’ Workshop-sponsored outreach groups lead a day of conversation, inspiration, a short film screening and your own chance to play with words in affirming and non-threatening writing exercises designed to be fun and nurturing for everybody. The conference will be led by Valerie Ann Leff, executive director of the non-profit literary arts center Westport Writers’ Workshop in partnership with the Library in WestportWRITES. More on the workshop.

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