WestportWRITES: "Write Your Play" Mini-Conference

Sunday, Feb 11, 2018 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

WestportWRITES 2017/18 continues with a mini-conference exploring writing for the stage. The day will focus on the creation of site-specific short plays. Keynote speaker Michael Burdick will discuss his work as a playwright and his writing process. Then, he will lead a series of exercises that will help participants craft their short plays. The day will end with readings of the created works. Register online.

The plays created during this miniconference will be workshopped for the very first Playground Westport, a downtown theatre mini-fest this summer.

Writers at all experience levels are invited to attend.

Michael Burdick has over 20 years of theatre experience as a playwright, director and actor. Since earning his MFA in Theatre from Brooklyn College, he has worked tenaciously in the field and has been fortunate enough to have his plays produced in New York City, Brooklyn, Long Island, Rochester (NY), Las Vegas, Chicago, New Jersey and Virginia.

The plays will take place in familiar downtown Westport locations, and in April, the completed plays will be performed in those locations during MakerFaire. 

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