Workshop for May Artist-in-Residence Challenge

Monday, May 1, 2017 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Image © Roger Price

Possible captions:
• Man wearing a bowtie in a crowded elevator
• Butterfly climbing a string
• Elevator going to a formal dinner

Using any medium you want, create a 6"x6" Droodle—a simple visual riddle that combines a doodle, drawing and riddle. See the example, and include your caption below your droodle. Start brainstorming in a Workshop with Miggs on Monday, May 3 at 4 pm in The Great Hall. Miggs Burroughs, a Westport illustrator and photographer, is the Library's Artist-in-Residence for the year. Bring submissions any time during May to the main circulation desk. For more information, contact Jennifer Keller at jkeller [at] westportlibrary [dot] org.

The Great Hall
Seminars & Workshops
All ages

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