Billy Sure, Kid Entrepreneur by Luke Sharpe

Posted by MaryP on Friday, Jun 19, 2015 - 5:55 PM

Billy Sure is an inventor.  He created the All-Ball in sizes small and large.  All-Ball: the only ball you'll ever need.  The large can be a soccer ball, a volleyball, a basketball, a football, AND a bowling ball, all operated by a remote control.  But Billy has a secret -- he came up with the idea for the all ball one year but couldn't figure out how to solve some technical problems.  Then one day he woke up and the blueprints were all there -- in someone else's handwriting.

Now his business partner wants him to work out the kinks in their next product (the Sibling Silencer) and Billy is having problems.  Is Billy an inventor . . . or is he a fraud?



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