Finding Serendipity

Posted by MaryP on Friday, Jun 5, 2015 - 11:32 AM

According to the dictionary, serendipity means good fortune or luck, or making desirable discoveries by accident.  In this book, Serendipity is the mother of Tuesday McGillycuddy and also is the author of the Vivienne Small series.  She lives in a tall brown house on Brown Street.  But shhhh!, that's a secret.  No one is supposed to know who Serendipity Smith is in real life.  Everyone believes that she live on the top floor of the most famous hotel in the city; she has no children and no husband.

Tuesday can't wait for the last book of the Vivienne Small series to be finished.  Then she can find out what happens to Vivienne Small.  And more importantly, for a little while Serendipity will just be Tuesday's mother.

Tuesday goes home after the last day of school, has dinner, plays some games with her father and finally goes upstairs to see her mother.  She goes into her mother's writing room, but no one is there.  The window in front of her mother's desk is open, but there is no one in the room.

Thus begins Tuesday's own adventure, as she tries to find Serendipity -- an adventure which will continue until she can write "The End" to her own story.

Grade4, Grade3


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