The Secret Cookie Club by Martha Freeman

Posted by MaryP on Friday, Jun 19, 2015 - 5:12 PM

Hannah is the camp counselor of Flowerpot Cabin at Moonlight Ranch.  It is her first year as a camp counselor and she is in a quandary.  The four campers of Flowerpot Cabin just don't seem to care about each other.  Granted, they are all different from each other: different backgrounds, different interests, different temperments and different personalities.

Olivia is the drama queen.  Tall, graceful and dramatic.

Emma is organized, a worrier, and a klutz.

Grace is tidy, precise, and good at everything she tries.

And Lucy is a day-dreamer who likes to paint and draw.

Hannah has to come up with something -- some plan to bring the girls together.  She does -- but even she doesn't realize that her idea will be the basis of a strong friendship among the girls, and the beginning of The Secret Cookie Club.

Recipes included.

Grade4, Grade3


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