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WestportREADS 2018 Companion Books
The topics, programs & discussions of WestportREADS include all members of the family. In that spirit, we have selected companion books for readers of all ages. These books may be borrowed from the Library . 

WestportREADS is an annual program dedicated to strengthening the community through the shared experience of a book. All of the books explore the nature of identity along with other topics.  


Listen to the Moon by Michael Morpurgo is a story of love and loss, of family and community fractured by war, of the power of hope, and above all of the will of the human spirit to survive.

Pax by Sara Pennypacker is the story of Peter, Pax (a young fox), and their independent struggles to return to each other in the face of war.

In Knit your Bit by Deborah Hopkinson, Mikey’s dad has left home to fight overseas during World War I, and Mikey wants to do something BIG to help. When his teacher suggests that the class participate in a knitting bee to knit clothing for the troops, Mikey and his friends roll their eyes—knitting is for girls! But when the girls turn it into a competition, the boys just have to meet the challenge.

Dazzle Ships by Chris Barton is a picture book of the dazzling way that British and American ships were painted in WWI to decive the German U-boat crews.