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Food Networking

Posted by CathyP on Thursday, May 10, 2012 - 12:00 PM

Everyone likes to eat and judging by the proliferation of cooking shows on television and celebrity chefs, it seems that most everyone--kids and teens included--like to cook. In these books, two very different girls, one living in 1945 and the other a contemporary twelve year old, are both experiencing war's effects  on their families. They also find solace and accomplishment in baking.

My Chocolate Year: A Novel with 12 Recipes by Charlotte Herman focuses on fifth grader Dorrie's determination to win her teacher's "sweet semester" baking and essay contest. She will even get her photo in the newspaper! Each month as she tries a new chocolate recipe in search of the perfect one, readers can, too. Dorrie is engaging as she recounts her kitchen mishaps and the historical details of Chicago life in the post-World War II period. Beneath this lighthearted account is the story of her Jewish immigrant family looking for missing relatives. When her  cousin Victor arrives from Germany we get a glimpse of the terrible struggle of the era. With tips from his family's bakery, Victor helps Dorrie in the contest and she  learns to treasure family times.

Close to Famous by Joan Bauer is set in present day West Virginia, where 6th grader Foster McGee dreams of being a Food Network chef like her hero, Sonny Kroll. But before she can make the world a better place, "one cupcake at a time," she has major challenges to face. Her father was killed in combat in  Iraq, and her mom needed to get away quickly from an abusive boyfriend.  Foster and her mom accidentally land in tiny Culpepper and soon the quirky residents open up a new world of support for Foster. As her stellar baking becomes known throughout the town, she finally has the courage to accept help from a retired actress and face her reading disability. The first book she reads is Sonny's cookbook!

Both of  these fast-paced novels center on appealing girls looking for a little fame in the culinary world and finding lots more along the way.

Mother's Day

Posted by SusanM on Wednesday, May 9, 2012 - 2:43 PM

Mother's DayThis Sunday is Mother’s Day, a day to honor and celebrate mothers and motherhood.  Flowers, breakfast in bed and a handmade card from your children always make for a special day and can really put a smile on Mom’s face.  Mothers, and the impact they have on our lives, are well represented in contemporary fiction.  Many recent books about mothers and children have focused on both generational and cultural differences in modern families.  Book clubs will find much to discuss and many issues and situations they can relate to in these current books about more

The Story of the Century

Posted by SusanM on Tuesday, Apr 10, 2012 - 2:43 PM

TitanicApril 15, 1912 is the historic date when the RMS Titanic, on its maiden voyage across the Atlantic, struck an iceberg and sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.  Over 1500 people died that night, and the story of the Titanic has fascinated us for the last century.  This April 15th will mark the 100th anniversary of that event, and our obsession with all things Titanic is clearly evident in the array of movies and television events planned to mark this more

Feeling a little British?

Posted by SusanM on Monday, Mar 26, 2012 - 2:35 PM

British flagIn case you missed the acclaimed Masterpiece Theater series Downton Abbey when it was shown on PBS, the DVDs for both seasons are now part of the library’s collection.  Due to the increased popularity of Downton Abbey, the library has decided to show the series in its entirety on Thursdays at 2PM in the McManus Room. Bring your friends and pick up a snack at the library café and enjoy the show on the big more

In the Shadow of Gotham

Posted by on Tuesday, Mar 13, 2012 - 11:12 AM

Stephanie Pintoff’s In the Shadow of Gotham is NOT a Batman story.

The Usual Suspects will be discussing the book on Sunday, March 18 at 2 more

Award Winning Choices

Posted by SusanM on Monday, Mar 5, 2012 - 3:53 PM

oscarsThe movie award season has finally ended, and for many people who may have been waiting for the award winning movies to be released on DVD, the wait is almost over.  While some of the movies nominated for Best Picture have been in circulation for a while, there are a few others that will be released in the next few weeks, so be sure to put a reserve in more

Oscar and more...

Posted by MargieF on Wednesday, Feb 22, 2012 - 6:54 PM

What is it about the Academy Awards that makes us stay home and remain glued to the tube?  Is it the designer dresses, the expensive jewelry or the MC's corny jokes? The ceremony aims for brevity but is often prolonged by long-winded acceptance more

Speaking of Books

Posted by SusanM on Wednesday, Feb 8, 2012 - 6:48 PM

BooksWestport is a book club town, and at the Westport Library we are more than happy to order multiple copies of books for your group, or provide a discussion guide to keep the conversation going.  We are also extremely fortunate to have our Speaking of Books collection funded by the Friends of the Westport Library.  This collection consists of multiple paperback copies of some of the best fiction and non-fiction for book clubs.  Each year we try to add additional titles to our collection in order to provide our local groups a fast and easy way to choose a book for their next meeting.  I’m excited to tell you about our recent more

Enough rope

Posted by on Friday, Feb 3, 2012 - 11:50 AM

rope coverNevada Barr’s legion of loyal fans will be delighted by the latest Anna Pigeon novel, The Rope, which, in a way, is also the first Anna Pigeon novel.

This time, Barr takes us back in time to 1995, just after Anna’s husband's death

Anna is 35 years old, fresh off the bus from New York City and nursing a broken heart.  She has taken a decidedly unglamorous job as a seasonal employee of the Glen Canyon National Recreational Area. read more

Restless in the Grave

Posted by on Tuesday, Jan 31, 2012 - 9:36 AM

restless in the grave coverRestless in the Grave. As WestportREADS winds down, surely a title that would be appropriate for Amelia Earhart

It is a book about a plane crash, but the aviation entrepreneur involved is a fictional character.

Aleut P.I. Kate Shugak and Alaskan state trooper Liam Campbell, appear together in a Dana Stabenow mystery for the first time—a special treat for fans—when they become involved in a case after Finn Grant dies in the fiery crash of his Piper Super more