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Celebrity News from the 1700's

Posted by on Tuesday, Oct 17, 2006 - 10:23 AM

Are you planning to see the new Sofia Coppola film Marie Antoinette? It's based on Antonia Fraser's biography of the historical icon. If your interest in Marie Antoinette has been piqued, you may want to read one of these novels:read more

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And the Award Goes To...

Posted by on Thursday, Oct 12, 2006 - 1:57 PM

*Britain's Man Booker Prize went to Kiran Desai for The Inheritance of Loss, a novel set in a remote corner of India and the mean streets of Manhattan. At 35 the youngest woman ever to win the Booker, read more

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What's Your Reading Pleasure?

Posted by on Wednesday, Oct 11, 2006 - 1:31 PM

Did you hear about the Washington, D.C. subway ads that compared Plato's Republic readers to those who read Romance novels? Seeking to appeal to the intellectual superiority of D.C. residents, the ads instead offended Romance readers and writers. What's this got to do with Westport Library?read more

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That's Funny...

Posted by on Saturday, Oct 7, 2006 - 11:47 AM

Someone recently suggested that the world - and the Westport Library collection- could use more humor.
To read about some of our recent humor books, go to Marta's Reading Insight. In the Dewey Decimal scheme of life, read more

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What's the Library Staff Reading?

Posted by on Friday, Oct 6, 2006 - 1:10 PM

A great fringe benefit of working at the Library is seeing and talking about all the books. Our interests are varied; it's fun when someone with whom you work shares your passion for forensic mysteries or cookbooks or a certain author. Alexander McCall Smith has four different series of books - and many fans among the staff. His Scottish lilt read more

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American Conservatism: what does it mean?

Posted by on Friday, Sep 29, 2006 - 3:36 PM

Are you curious about conservatism? Would you like to learn some of its history? For a short course on conservatism, here are some reading suggestions:read more

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Book Club News

Posted by SusanM on Friday, Sep 29, 2006 - 3:04 PM

There are currently 38 active book clubs ordering their books and discussion guides from the Westport Public Library! Our new Book Blog is a great place to share your ideas and opinions about what you are reading.

If your club is looking for suggestions, the best place to start is our Speaking of Books Collection. Wonderful fiction such as Bel Canto by Ann Patchett, a terrific story filled with romance and magic, or Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson, a haunting modern day classic, are part of our collection. Non-fiction titles such as Devil in White City by Erik Larsonread more

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Sybil's List

Posted by on Thursday, Sep 28, 2006 - 11:15 AM

It's that time of year again, when Sybil Steinberg recommends the best new Fall books. Contributing editor to Publishers Weekly and on the board read more

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Posted by on Thursday, Sep 28, 2006 - 9:41 AM

The Library staff is buzzing about the The Illusionist, the new film starring Ed Norton, Paul Giamatti and Jessica Biel. Literally fantastic, this fable of art, love and politics set in Victorian Vienna casts a bewitching spell of atmospheric mystery. It's based on a short storyread more

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What's the J Curve?

Posted by on Tuesday, Sep 26, 2006 - 7:30 PM

Political science guru, Ian Bremmer spoke at the Library Monday on his book, The J Curve:a new way to understand why nations rise and fall. The young president of Eurasia Group, a political risk consulting firm, took the audience of 65 on a tour around the world explaining the factors that contribute to each country's success or more

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