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Is Crowdfunding Right for Your Business?

May 11, 2016
Cliff Ennico

Attorney and author Cliff Ennico discussed the pros and cons of crowdfunding under the new SEC rules and regulations and his book, The Crowdfunding Handbook: Raise Money for Your Small Business or Startup Using Equity Funding Portals on May 11, 2016.

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Masterful Meetings

May 10, 2016
Dorothea Brennan

Team facilitator Dorothea E Brennan, CMF taught strategies for creating "masterful" meetings that are efficient, effective and productive on May 10, 2016.

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Using Reference USA for Lead-Generation Marketing

April 14, 2016
TJ Pridell

TJ Pridell, from ReferenceUSA, hosted an interactive lead-generation marketing seminar tailored to the Westport business community on April 14, 2016. 

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Business Special: Hiring an Employee vs. Freelancer

April 5, 2016
Bill Gottlin

Bill Gottlin of Aspire HR Consulting LLC explained the definition of an employee and independent contractor, described the reasons for hiring independents and showed the risks involved in misclassifying independent contractors on April 5, 2016.

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Women Entrepreneurs Group: Applying for a Small Business Loan

April 12, 2016
Aya Beckles Swanson

Get the inside scoop on how to find funding and attract small business lenders from Aya Beckles Swanson, VP Community Lending at Community Investment Corporation from April 12, 2016.

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How to Run a Successful Consulting Business

March 31, 2016
Bob Hogan

Bob Hogan shared his 30+ years of experience and expertise in running and operating a consulting service business that caters to small businesses on March 31, 2016. Topics covered include starting a consulting service, determining your competitive value, positioning, packaging and pricing the service, determining critical success factors, marketing and selling the service and managing finances and taxes. 

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Author Bryan Mattimore on Creating the Big Idea

March 15, 2016
Bryan Mattimore

Author and corporate creativity consultant Bryan Mattimore discussed his book 21 Days to a Big Idea and the path to inspiration, modification and realization of new ideas on March 15, 2016.

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Start a Business Venture

March 10, 2016
Venture Moms & Holly Hurd

Holly Hurd and a panel of entrepreneurial mothers shared trials and tips from their paths to creating successful businesses. Panelists included Kathy Monahan, Patricia Espinosa, Cheryl MacClusky and Yael van Hulst on March 10, 2016.

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Insights from Entrepreneur Al DiGuido: "Win Small Battles—10 Essential Truths on Building & Leading"

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al diguidoAl DiGuido will conduct a highly interactive discussion focused on his career in building and leading successful businesses and his charity work: Al's Angels. The session will focus on a "top ten" of essential components of what it takes to achieve success in a wide variety of endeavors. DiGuido has a no nonsense, direct and tactical approach when it comes to advising those who want to convert "dreams" to reality. He has built successful businesses in publishing, digital media, non profit and retail. This session is open to all who are truly looking for counsel and advice on building a business, career or anything. Al has spent countless hours in skills training with college students on preparing them to enter their respective career paths. Come prepared with your questions and desire to engage and learn.

Co-sponsored with Bernstein Global Wealth Management & Patriot Bank. 

Al DiGuido is a visionary authority for staying ahead of the “New Digital Reality.” For his influential voice on how evolving media platforms drive brand success in today’s economy, he’s known as a shaper of key digital marketing industry topics and as a contributor to CNN, Fox Business News, CNBC, MSNBC, CBC, AdAge, Business Week, New York Times, ClickZ, and US News & World Report. DiGuido not only sees the key marketplace trends, but also how to build the organizations and technology solutions that generate sales and profits.

In his award-winning digital media and direct marketing career (Download Al’s Career Highlights), where he’s been called “an iconic leader in email marketing,” DiGuido has a track record of enhancing ROI performance for marketers. Leveraging the latest technology, he’s created innovative capabilities for building brands, acquiring new customers, and retaining existing customers. He leads teams that provide a powerful combination of insights, services, creative, content, delivery and optimization platforms, and analytics.

DiGuidos’ first foray into the interactive space was as the CEO of BigFoot Interactive, where he and his team built one of the most advanced email technology platforms still on the market today. In 2005, he sold Bigfoot to Alliance Data’s Epsilon business unit for $130 million and became the CEO of Epsilon Interactive. Under his leadership, Epsilon became one of the dominant email providers in the marketplace and expanded aggressively through acquisitions of DoubleClick and Big Designs in the same year. As CEO of Zeta Interactive, DiGuido realized his vision of transcending the solo email business to build an agency that helps marketers realize the full potential of truly integrated technology platforms, services, and strategies.

His brand driver of be not afraid, combined with his bold moves, high-energy, and generous spirit apply to both his business style and his personal passions. True to his word, he values pushing the limits of his comfort zone to succeed in any focused endeavor—whether it be spearheading fundraisers or winning Lime Rock’s best of show for his ’65 Mustang and ’39 Ford Hot Rod. In 2010, he embarked on a two-week, 6000-mile solo motorcycle ride, tracing Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles. He founded Al’s Angels in 2004 to build on his involvement with Tomorrow’s Children Fund and maximize his outreach to thousands of children with cancer, rare blood diseases, and financial hardship. Knowing first-hand that it is possible to break free of expectations and change your mindset, Al thrives on igniting courageous passion, brighter possibilities, and follow-through in others.

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Business Special: How to Grow Your Email List & Expand Your Reach

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emailCheryl Henchar, president and founder of Cheryl’s Creative Services, will help you develop a great list of email addresses for marketing, plus provide tips, technologies and tactics for keeping your contacts organized and segmented for easier, more effective targeted marketing. Topics include:

  • Getting started with gathering email contacts
  • Establishing an organized contact segmentation process
  • Growing your email lists online and in person
  • Keeping your subscribers interested and engaged after they sign up

hencharCheryl Henchar is the president and founder of Cheryl’s Creative Services, which assists small business owners with email marketing. She is an Authorized Local Expert Speaker and Certified Solutions Provider with Constant Contact and was honored by Constant Contact in October as “Rookie of the Year 2014 Solutions Provider,” which recognizes a new provider who exemplifies what it means to achieve small business success for themselves and for their clients.

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