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WestportREADS 2018: PageTurners Discuss "Regeneration"

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Join PageTurners for a discussion of the WestportREADS book Regeneration by Pat Barker. This work of historical fiction that follows the experiences of soldiers during World War I. Read the book and join programs related to the book throughout the month of January & Februrary as we explore themes of healing and perseverance on the centenary of the end of WWI. 

Community partner: The Westport Center for Senior Activities

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For copies of the book, phone 203.291.4821. New participants always welcome. Information on more Library book groups.

Guide to the WestportREADS books and program.

WestportREADS is funded by the estate of Jerry A. Tishman.

Regneration is the first novel in Pat Barker's acclaimed WWI trilogy, which continues with The Eye in the Door and culminates in the 1995 Booker Prize-winning The Ghost Road. In 1917 Siegfried Sasson, noted poet and decorated war hero, publicly refused to continue serving as a British officer in World War I. His reason: the war was a senseless slaughter. He was officially classified “mentally unsound” and sent to Craiglockhart War Hospital. There a brilliant psychiatrist, Dr. William Rivers, set about restoring Sassoon’s “sanity” and sending him back to the trenches. This novel tells what happened as only a novel can. It is a war saga in which not a shot is fired. It is a story of a battle for a man’s mind in which only the reader can decide who is the victor, who the vanquished, and who the victim.

"Dramatic, moving, brilliantly harrowning ... a novel that makes the madness of war more than a metaphor."—The New York Times Book Review

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WestportREADS 2018: World War I Through Literature and Memory

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As part of West Point's centennial commemoration of World War I, Colonel Jason Musteen led cadets in a study of the history of WWI through literature, poetry and the memoirs of its soldiers. This included a trip to historical sites of the Western Front battlefields. Through these studies, the cadets placed themselves in the shoes of others who were often the same age as them and gained a deeper appreciation for the challenges of officership. COL Musteen explains the goals and conduct of these studies and uses experiences from the cadets and officers to highlight the value of immersive studies of history on-site.  

Guide to the WestportREADS books and program.

WestportREADS is funded by the estate of Jerry A. Tishman.

Colonel Jason Musteen is an Armor/Cavalry officer serving as the Chief of International History at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York. COL Musteen enlisted in the US Army Reserves in 1990 as a combat engineer and was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Regular Army in 1994. He is a veteran of combat operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, and East Africa, and of crisis response to the US Embassy in South Sudan.

COL Musteen holds Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Arts degrees in Modern European History from the Florida State University. He has also earned a degree in Advanced Defense Studies from the Collège Interarmées de Défense at the French War College and a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Central Arkansas. He is the author of Nelson’s Refuge: Gibraltar in the Age of Napoleon and is a contributing author or editor of several other books and series, including consulting editor to the digital West Point History of Warfare. He is a Fellow of the International Napoleonic Society, a member of the Institute on Napoleon and the French Revolution, and the Masséna Society.

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WestportREADS: “The Longest Way Round is the Shortest Way Home”: Homecoming in "Bettyville"

January 14, 2017

Dr. Mark Schenker, Dean of Academic Affairs at Yale College, gave a talk on the theme of homecoming in Bettyville and other works of literature and myth on January 14, 2017 at the Westport Library.

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WestportREADS 2017: Keynote Talk with BETTYVILLE Author George Hodgman

January 19, 2017
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Writer and editor George Hodgman talked about the WestportREADS 2017 selection Bettyville on January 19, 2017. His critically-acclaimed memoir relates with wit and tenderness a son's journey from New York City to care for his irascible mother in his Missouri hometown. 

Getting a Grip on Gender, a Program for Parents and Students

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Robin McHaelen, director of True Colors, Inc., will lead a family-friendly, free-wheeling discussion about today's changing gender norms. Transgender, gender bending, bi-gender, gender creative, gender fluid, gender queer, two spirit, agender, pan gender. What's it all about? Might the changing norms about gender make the world a better place for everyone? A panel discussion of Westport students speaking about their own LGBT issues and experiences in the schools will follow the talk. Register online. Light lunch and refreshments included. Partners: TEAM Westport and the Staples Genders Sexualities Alliance  
Note: This is a rescheduled date from 1/21.

Robin McHaelen is the founder and current executive director of True Colors, Inc., a non-profit organization that works to ensure that youth of all orientations and genders are valued and affirmed. Robin is nationally known for her expertise, has won numerous awards and has co-written two books and many articles on LGBT youth. 



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WestportREADS: “The Longest Way Round is the Shortest Way Home”: Homecoming in "Bettyville"

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Dr. Mark Schenker, Dean of Academic Affairs in Yale College, will give a talk on the theme of homecoming in Bettyville and other works of literature and myth. In his memoir, George Hodgman returns home not for a visit or a holiday, but for a new life, a life that is a blend of his past and his present, of his Midwestern roots and his adulthood in New York City, of his middle age and his mother’s end of life. Robert Frost wrote, “Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.” In Hodgman’s case, he did not have to go home in the sense that Frost meant, nor was he so much taken in as having to take in his mother (he describes himself in the book as a “care inflictor”). But even in his caregiving, he remains the son and gives Betty her due as the mother.

Dean Schenker will consider various examples of coming home after traveling, in James Joyce’s phrase, “the longest way round”—that is, having experiences that not only change what “home” is, but also who we are when we return there

Mark J. Schenker has been at Yale College since 1990. He is currently a senior associate dean of the College and dean of academic affairs. Born and raised in New York City, he received his Ph.D. in English Literature from Columbia University and has taught at Columbia, New York University, and Trinity College (Hartford). Dean Schenker has led book discussion series in public libraries and other venues in Connecticut for over 30 years and lectures frequently on literature and film for public audiences. He was the recipient of the 2001 Wilbur Cross Award for Outstanding Humanities Scholar, presented by the Connecticut Humanities Council. 

WestportREADS is funded by the estate of Jerry A. Tishman.

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WestportREADS 2017: Art As Identity

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Nancy Moore has been using disparate artistic media to express her thoughts about gender identity in loving response to her transgender son. Inspired by his courage, Moore has been using woodcut (her "Gender Warrior" series), mixed-media painting (her ongoing "Unconventional Women" series), and fiber art (her series of "Blanket Statements") to examine gender in general, and the roles of women specifically. This transition in materials reflects a broader exploration of her own identity and the identities of the women she sees around her as they adapt—painfully, gracefully—to their own shifts in occupation, family life, appearance and age. Moore will be showing her artwork and discussing, among other things, how being shaken to core can lead to the grateful conclusion that one does indeed have a core. Click here for a full bio of the artist and more about her work.

Images, top to bottom: Rise, Blanket Statements and Triptych

Community partner: Westport Arts Center

WestportREADS 2017 is funded by the estate of Jerry A. Tishman.

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WestportREADS 2017 Movie: A Special Screening and Discussion of "In & Out"

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The Westport Library and Westport Cinema Initiative, as part of its ongoing series of pop-up films, present In and Out, a romantic comedy film directed by Frank Oz and starring Kevin Kline, Tom Selleck, Joan Cusack, Matt Dillon, Debbie Reynolds and Wilford Brimley. Cusack was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. A discussion will follow with Westporter and freelance writer Dan Woog.
(Note that this is a re-scheduled date from January 7.)

Small-town high school English teacher (Kevin Kline) is watching the Academy Awards telecast with his fiancee (Joan Cusack,) when one of his former students (Matt Dillon) wins the Oscar. He wins for playing a gay soldier, and in his acceptance speech, he thanks a lot of people, including the teacher—”who,” he volunteers, “is gay.” This comes as news to the fiancee. Also to the teacher." As a media blitz descends upon on this small Indiana town, the teacher attempts to convince everyone that he's your average straight American male. (1997, 1h 32m) The film will be followed by a talkback.

Tickets are $10 and are available online through Westport Cinema Initiative here or at the door.  Partner: Westport Cinema Initiative. 

Note location: Westport Town Hall, 110 Myrtle Ave.

WestportREADS is funded by the estate of Jerry A. Tishman.

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PLEASE REGISTER-Grandparent Story Project: Grades1&up

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Celebrate Bettyville with a grandparent or bring 

any older friend or relative. 

Together you can share a memory and make it into a keepsake book.  

For more information contact Kris Nash
(knash [at] westportlibrary [dot] org)

Grades 1 & up


WestportREADS is funded by the estate of Jerry A. Tishman.

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WestportREADS 2017: Drawing Kindness

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When somone is kind to us, we know how great it makes us feel. When we are kind to others, we create change for the good. In honor of the kindnesses shown in the book WestportREADS book Bettyville, draw, collage and color KINDNESS in ourselves and each other with artist and author Elaine Clayton. We'll make a book celebrating our communal dedication to being kind! Grades 3 to adult. Register online.

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