Newest Teen Books: Early Summer 2016

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Newest Teen Books: Spring 2016

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Newest Teen Books: Fall 2015

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Newest Teen Books: August 2015

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Newest Teen Books: Summer 2015

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New Teen Books 2015!

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Boy on the Edge
by Fridrik Erlings
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Henry is sent to live at a home for troubled boys on the Icelandic coast, where he works on his issues of rage and loneliness. 

The Casquette Girls
by Alys Arden
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When Adele and her father return to New Orleans after a hurricane, they find the city all but abandoned, with the exception of ghosts. 

by Stephanie Kuehn
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Jamie's mother was murdered when he was six, about seven years later his sister Cate was incarcerated for burning down a neighbor's barn, and now Jamie, fifteen, learns that Cate has been released and is coming back for him, blaming him for all the bad things that led to her arrest.

Don't Even Think About It
by Sarah Mlynowski
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What happens when a group of Tribeca high school kids go in for flu shots . . . and end up being able to read each others' minds.

The Doubt Factory
by Paolo Bacigalupi
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When a radical band of teen activists claims that Alix's powerful father covers up wrongdoing by corporations that knowingly allow innocent victims to die in order to make enormous profits from unsafe products, she must decide if she will blow the whistle on his misdeeds

Even in Paradise
by Chelsey Philpot
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When Julia Buchanan enrolls at the prestigious St. Anne's boarding school, she gets caught up in the glamour- and tragedy- of her classmate from a famous family.

The Girl from the Well
by Rin Chupeco
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Okiku has wandered the world for centuries, freeing the innocent ghosts of the murdered-dead and taking the lives of killers with the vengeance they are due, but when she meets Tark she knows the moody teen with the series of intricate tattoos is not a monster and needs to be freed from the demonic malevolence that clings to him.

The Gospel of Winter
by Brendan Kiely
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Managing the challenges of his fractured family by taking Adderall, sneaking drinks, and confiding in an abusive priest, Aidan finds support from new friends including a crush, a wild girl, and a swim-team captain with his own secrets.

Grandmaster: a Novel
by David Klass
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A father-son chess tournament reveals the dark side of the game. 

How it Went Down
by Kekla Magoon
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When sixteen-year-old Tariq Johnson is shot to death, his community is thrown into an uproar because Tariq was black and the shooter, Jack Franklin, is white, and in the aftermath everyone has something to say, but no two accounts of the events agree.

Kiss Kill Vanish
by Jessica Martinez
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A teenage girl flees her opulent life in Miami when she witnesses her boyfriend commit a murder that was ordered by her father.

Light: a Gone Novel
by Michael Grant
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Answers to every mystery of the FAYZ are revealed, unexpected heroes emerge as sacrifices are made, and the Darkness is finally conquered by a force even more powerful than itself in this conclusion to the Gone series.

by Corinne Duyvis
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A seventeen-year-old boy finds that every time he closes his eyes, he's drawn into the body of a mute servant girl from another world--a world that's growing increasingly more dangerous, and where many things are not as they seem.

Perfectly Good White Boy
by Carrie Mesrobian
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After losing his virginity to an older girl who dumps him at the end of summer, Sean decides to join the Marines, but first he must get through his senior year of high school.

by Brandy Colbert
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Four years after Theo's best friend, Donovan, disappeared at age thirteen, he is found and brought home and Theo puts her health at risk as she decides whether to tell the truth about the abductor, knowing her revelation could end her life-long dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer.

The Stepsister's Tale
by Tracy Barrett
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Jane cares for her mother and sister until her stepfather dies, leaving nothing but debts and Jane's spoiled stepsister behind, but a mysterious boy from the woods and an invitation to a royal ball are certain to change her fate.

The True Tale of the Monster Billy Dean
by David Almond
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Trapped in his bedroom by a father who fills his mind with mysterious tales and warnings, Billy Dean goes outside for the first time when his father disappears, and he discovers his abilities to heal the living and contact the dead.

The Twyning
by Terence Blacker
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This is the story of a rat and a boy whose fates become inextricably linked as their two worlds collide. 

When I Was the Greatest
by Jason Reynolds
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Ali lives in Bed-Stuy, a Brooklyn neighborhood known for guns and drugs, but he and his sister, Jazz, and their neighbors, Needles and Noodles, stay out of trouble until they go to the wrong party, where one gets badly hurt and another leaves with a target on his back.


Newest Teen Books: April 2014

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by Melissa Landers
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Cara is excited to participate in earth's first intergalactic exchange program. But the last thing she expected was to fall in love with an alien.

Before My Eyes
by Caroline Bock
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Tells the story of the intertwining lives of the son of a state senator, a girl whose mother is dying in a hospital, and a young man with schizophrenia.

Dancer Daughter Traitor Spy
by Elizabeth Kiem
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A talented dancer with psychic abilities moves to Brooklyn from the Soviet Union and finds herself in trouble.

Diamonds & Deceit
by Leila Rasheed
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In the sequel to the Downton Abbey-esque Cinders & Sapphires, Rose grows into her new higher status in the Averly family.

Double Digit
by Annabel Monaghan
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In the sequel to A Girl Named Digit, Digit enrolls in MIT where she hopes to lead a normal life, but terrorists have tracked her down.

The Finisher
by David Baldacci
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When Quentin mysteriously vanishes from his small village, his friends must travel through a dangerous forest looking for clues.

by Mary Casanova
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Set in Minnesota in the 1920’s, a girl struggles to remember the details of her mother’s death.

various authors
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A compilation of short stories inspired by Grim’s fairy tales.

The Hit
by Melvin Burgess
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A new drug hits the streets which guarantees users the best week of their life, followed by immediate death.

Landry Park
by Bethany Hagen
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Set in a future where an elite class lives off the nuclear energy provided by an oppressed class known as the Rootless, a girl must decide whether to follow her distinguished ancestry or her conscience.

Luck & Chance: Beyond the Realm of Wisdom
by Elliott B. Addison
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The first book in a new fantasy series about a pair of Eurasian twins and their life at the International School for Brainiacs Square.   

Mafia Girl
by Deborah Blumenthal
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The daughter of a notorious mob boss struggles to find her own identity.

Manor of Secrets
by Katherine Longshore
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Set in a manor in 1911, the story follows two characters that are ready to risk everything for a change. For fans of Downton Abbey.

Maybe One Day
by Melissa Kantor
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Two friends struggle after one is diagnosed with leukemia.

Never Fade
by Alexandra Bracken
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Set in a dystopian future, a deadly disease spreads across the country.

No Place
by Todd Strasser
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A popular teenager’s life is turned upside down when he moves to a tent city after his family loses their home.

by Lauren Oliver
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A group of high school seniors compete in a dangerous competition in the hopes of winning enough money to escape their small town.

Something Real
by Heather Demetrios
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Bonnie tries to live her life as a normal teenager, but when her family’s reality show goes back on the air, “normal” proves to be difficult.

by Donna Jo Napoli
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After losing her family in a flood, a teenager conceals herself as a stowaway on Noah’s Ark.

The Tyrant’s Daughter
by J.C. Carleson
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A teenager must adjust to a new life when she is exiled to the United States after her dictator father is killed in a military coup.

by Kami Garcia
view in catalog
Kennedy discovers she is a member of an ancient society formed to protect the world from a dangerous demon.

The Well’s End
by Seth Fishman
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A group of friends looks for answers after a mysterious virus spreads across a Colorado town.

Year of Mistaken Discoveries
by Eileen Cook
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Avery embarks on a class project to find her birth mother.


Newest Teen Books: February 2014

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Black Helicopters
by Blythe Woolston
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Valley and Bo’s family lives a survivalist lifestyle off-the-grid in Montana, making money by building bombs for anarchist groups. But when their father dies, they must decide whether to continue with his paranoid beliefs, or join mainstream society.

Confessions of a Hater
by Caprice Crane
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After her family moves to Hollywood, Hailey takes inspiration from her sister's journal and tries to reinvent herself as part of the popular crowd.

Crash Into You
by Katie McGarry
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Rachel is a straight-A student with rich parents and a killer wardrobe. But beneath her good-girl persona, she hides a secret love of drag-racing, and a secret love of bad-boy Isaiah.

by Marissa Meyer
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In book 3 of the Lunar Chronicles, Cinder and Captain Thorne are fugitives on the run.

The F It List
by Julie Halpern
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When Alex discovers her former best friend has cancer, she takes over her “bucket list.”

Hollow City
by Ransom Riggs
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In the sequel to the hit novel, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, the children must travel to 1940's London, the "peculiar" capital of the world.

Ketchup Clouds
by Annabel Pitcher
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Zoe, a British teenager, begins a penpal relationship with a death-row inmate in order to speak openly about her guilt over the death of a friend.

The Living
by Matt De La Pena
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Shy, a summer employee on a luxury cruise ship, must fight to survive after a massive earthquake destroys his boat.

Losing It
various authors
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A compilation of short stories about virginity.

Loud Awake and Lost
by Adele Griffin
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Eight months after a car accident left her with amnesia, Ember tries to piece together the weeks leading up to the accident.

by Aimee Carter
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To escape her life of poverty and misery, Kitty chooses to become a member of the most powerful family in the country. But, in order to join, she must stop a revolution… a revolution she believes in.

Reality Boy
by A.S. King
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Gerald, a teenager with anger problems, works to overcome his notoriety as a former child reality star.

by Sara Zarr and Tara Altebrando
view in catalog
Two girls get to know each other via email the summer before becoming roommates at UC Berkeley. Told in alternating chapters.

The Scar Boys
by Len Vlahos
view in catalog
A severely burned teenager gains friends and self-confidence by joining a punk rock band.

by Tom Leveen
view in catalog
A group of high school misfits must find a way to survive against a disease outbreak at their school which causes violent, zombie-like symptoms.

by Carl Deuker
view in catalog
Jonas, a high school senior, must decide whether to put his basketball career on the line by reporting questionable activities by his coach.

These Broken Stars
by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner
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When their luxury spacecraft crash-lands onto a dangerous planet, a pair of star-crossed lovers must work together to survive.


Newest Teen Books: December 2013

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Check out what's new in the Teen Section this month!

Across a Star-Swept Sea
by Diana Peterfreund
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16-yr-old Persis hides behind her image as a frivolous socialite to conceal her true identity, super spy Wild Poppy, whose tasked with bringing down a deadly uprising.

The Beginning of Everything
by Robyn Schneider
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After his high school tennis career is ruined by an injury from a car accident, 17-yr-old Ezra must learn to redefine himself and embrace change.

by Robison Wells
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A mysterious virus spreads across America, affecting teenagers with superpowers.

by Lisa McMann
view in catalog
Julia is haunted by a repeated vision of a truck running into a building, resulting in nine body bags in the snow. Can she figure out what this vision means before it is too late?

Curtsies & Conspiracies
by Gail Carriger
view in catalog
In the sequel to Etiquette & Espionage, Sophronia must rely on her spy training to uncover a dangerous plot.

The Dream Thieves
by Maggie Stiefvater
view in catalog
In the sequel to The Raven Boys, now that the ley lines around Cabeswater have been woken, things will never be the same. 

Find Me
by Romily Bernard
view in catalog
When teen hacker Wick finds a dead classmate’s diary on her front step, she sets out to find the killer.

How to Love
by Katie Cotugno
view in catalog
When Reena’s boyfriend suddenly abandons her, she must struggle with raising their child alone.

In the After
by Demitria Lunetta
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After “They” take over, Amy struggles to survive and even rescues a toddler. When it seems like they are finally safe in a compound called New Hope, they soon find that their safe haven harbors dark secrets.

The In-Between
by Barbara Stewart
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After a near-death experience, Elanor finds salvation in a new best friend, but soon finds that her new friend might be a dangerous influence.

by Lauren Conrad
view in catalog
In the conclusion to the Fame Game series, Kate and Carmen are on the verge of becoming big stars, but first must learn how to survive backstage drama.

The Naturals
by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
view in catalog
16-yr-old Cassie, a natural at reading people, is recruited to an elite FBI taskforce focused on closing cold cases.

by Lisi Harrison
view in catalog
A glimpse into the secret lives of five high school freshman, as told through their journals. By the author of the Clique series.

Rose Under Fire
by Elizabeth Wein
view in catalog
An Allied pilot finds herself captured by the Nazis and sent to a women’s concentration camp, where she struggles to survive. Sequel to the critically acclaimed Code Name Verity.

by Brandon Sanderson
view in catalog
David seeks vengeance for the death of his father, who died by the hands of an Epic, a human with superhuman powers.

by Lauren Kate
view in catalog
After the death of her mother, 17-yr-old Eureka discovers that her tears have the power to raise the lost city of Atlantis, and that she is in danger.

Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass
by Meg Medina
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Piddy’s life turns upside down when she is threatened by a bully she has never met. 


Newest Teen Books: November 2013

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Check out what's new in the Teen Section this month.

by Veronica Roth
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In this long-awaited conclusion to the Divergent trilogy, drama and tension are high as Tris is forced to make life-changing choices. 

by Madeleine Roux
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In this horror novel, teenagers at a boarding school discover that their dorm used to be an insane asylum. Accompanied by photographs.

by Marie Lu
view in catalog
In the finale to the Legend trilogy, the Republic is now threatened by a plague outbreak.

The Extra
by Kathryn Lasky
view in catalog
A chilling historical fiction novel about the life of gypsies in Hitler’s Germany who worked as extras in Nazi propaganda films.

by Ann Aguirre
view in catalog
In the conclusion to the Razorland Trilogy, mankind hasn’t known war for centuries and has forgotten how to fight. So when Freaks begin attacking settlements, people turn to Deuce for leadership and she finds that the survival of humanity rests in her hands.

The Infinite Moment of Us
by Lauren Myracle
view in catalog
Wren, a high school senior, finds herself torn when following her heart means displeasing her parents for the first time ever.

The Shadowhunter’s Codex
by Cassandra Clare and Joshua Lewis
view in catalog
A visual guide to the Shadowhunter’s Universe. A companion to the popular Mortal Instruments series.

by Ellen Hopkins
view in catalog
In the sequel to Burned, Pattyn runs away and tries to put her life back together after losing everything. Written in verse.

Somebody Up There Hates You
by Hollis Seamon
view in catalog
A sarcastic prankster finds love while dying in hospice.  

Taste Test
by Kelly Fiore
view in catalog
Nora is excited to be recruited for a reality-TV teen cooking competition, but after a series of accidents on set, becomes suspicious that the show is being sabotaged.

This Song Will Save Your Life
by Leila Sales
view in catalog
Elise, a lonely outsider, finds her world changed when she makes friends with a DJ and a singer.  

To Be Perfectly Honest: a Novel Based on an Untrue Story
by Sonya Sones
view in catalog
A daughter of a famous movie star struggles with an addiction to lying.