VersoFest - Laser Floyd


11th Hour Productions Presents Laser Stranger Things & Laser Floyd- 7pm

Laser Stranger Things
Fans can't get enough of the retro vibe of the hit series Stranger Things. Take a trip to the upside-down in the safety of the lasers. Experience the '80s tunes and soundscapes from the show reinterpreted in vibrant laser light

Saturday night showcases Verso Studios Trefz Forum venue with 11th Hour Productions Laser Stranger Things and Laser Floyd shows. Both shows are licensed and endorsed experiences featuring the music of Netflix’s Stranger Things series and the music of Pink Floyd set to jaw-dropping laser arrays and visuals.

Laser Floyd
The smash hit multimedia laser and light show featuring the recordings of Pink Floyd. Laser Floyd carries listeners away on a mind-expanding journey, driven by cutting-edge effects, high-powered lasers, and choreographed to the masterful soundtrack.

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