WestportREADS discussed Dubliners by James Joyce.The 5th annual Maker Faire attracted 8500 attendees and 114 makers. In July of 2015, the Library welcomed Bill Harmer as Executive Director. Prior to joining the Library, Harmer was the Executive Director of the Chelsea District Library in Michigan where he garnered national recognition for the library, including its selection as the Best Small Library in America by The Library Journal and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The Library Journal named Harmer to the Class of 2009 Movers & Shakers. He joined a list of emerging leaders from around the world making a difference in the library field. Bill created the unprecedented Rock & Roll Library Tour, which brought live music to more than 250 libraries in 48 states, including Cuba.

Vincent and Nancy, two NAO robots from Aldebaran, joined the Library staff.The Library also received Five-Star status from Library Journal once again putting the organization in the top 1% of public libraries nationwide. Author Salman Rushdie delived the annual Malloy Lecture in the Arts.The BOOKED for the evening honoree is Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Lynsey Addario.

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