The Westport Library and Artists Collective of Westport
present a very special opportunity.

Piece by Piece, produced by Westport artists, is a response to the sense of isolation created by the global pandemic. A “collective” artwork comprised of 60 unique 12-inch squares, Piece by Piece represents the post-pandemic, coming together of our community.

Each square, based on the artists' interpretation of a piece of an iconic painting, is available for sale.

For a donation of $100, you can select one – or more – of the squares from a grid. Proceeds from your gift will be divided between the Library and the artist. The name of the artists and the iconic masterpiece on which Piece by Piece is based, will be revealed on July 10th. 

Piece by Piece and additional works by the Artists Collective are on display in the Sheffer and Jesup Galleries through September 28.

Here’s how to be part of this unique occasion:

1. Click here to view available squares which correlate to the grid above.
2. Select which square(s) you would like to purchase by adding them to your cart.
3. Follow the instructions to complete your purchase via PayPal.
The artists listed below are those members of the Artists collective who are creating an original 12x12 square for the Piece by Piece installation.

To learn more about Westport’s artists, visit the Library’s Video & Podcast Gallery or view the Artists in Residences series here.
Mercedes Arensberg
Ginny Awn
Nina Bentley
Anne Brecher
Trace Burroughs
Louise Cadoux
Linn Cassetta
Ann Chernow
Leonor Dao Turat
Elizabeth Devoll
Pam Einarsen
Kat Evans
Alanna Fagan
Kerry Gale
Jen Glover Riggs
Jen Greely
Mary Harold
Holly Hawthorn
Veronica Hofstetter
Yuko Ike
Ireijo Jana
Ruth Kalla Ungerer
Amy Kaplan
Karen Kent
Lucy Krupenya
Nancy Landauer
Paul Larson
Katya Lebrija
Michael Ledner
Julie Leff
Liz Leggett
Susan Leggitt
Connie Manna
Elizabeth Marks
Toby Michaels
Day Moore
Cynthia Mullins
Dale Najarian
Mary Ann Neilson
Julie O'Connor
Steven Parton
Diane Pollack
Kimberly Porio
Katherine Ross
Sandy Rothenberg
Dorores R. Santoloquido
Anthony Santomauro
Gay Schempp
Mark Schiff
Norm Siegel
Susan Taylor Murray
Kris Toohey
Cindy Wagner
Lee Walther
Joan Wheeler
Elizabeth White
Jennifer Wiliams
Tammy Winser
Virginia Zimmermann
Florence Zolan
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Westport, CT 06880

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