Our Team

David Bibbey

Video Studios Manager/Producer

David is an Emmy-award winning broadcast tv producer and host. He is currently responsible for managing all the Verso Studios video, TV, and post-production services.

Born in the UK, David moved with his wife and two children to Connecticut in 2009. With a corporate background in asset finance, technology, and media he has a diverse experience of business. Acknowledged for his storytelling ability in a well-paced and engaging way, David is a natural teacher for students of all levels and ages.

Travis Bell

Audio Studios Manager/ Sound Engineer  

At 19 years of age, Travis took the money saved from his employment at Sam Ash and along with the 60% discount offered by most manufacturers, opened his first commercial recording studio - Adorea.

He spent the next 11 years producing, recording, mixing, and mastering well over 300 artists under his own independent brand. During the day he would mix records and at night mix live music at various venues throughout the northeast. After a neighboring business installed refrigeration equipment forever altering the ability to record at Adorea, Travis was forced to close the business.

In 2017, Travis joined the independent music buyers Manic Presents, as the Lead Audio Technician for the Space Ballroom. He became widely respected for his innovations in audio mixing and professional conduct. This reputation led him to the historic doors of the Klein Memorial Auditorium. One of the last Broadway scale prosceniums, the stage allowed Travis to apply his skills in a large-scale theatre.  He remained at the Klein until the beginning of the pandemic.

Working as a freelance audio engineer for DNR Labs, Travis was introduced to the Westport Library where he worked on several projects before being offered the position of Audio Studios Manager.

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