Trefz Forum and Broadcast Control Suite

The Trefz Forum is Westport’s premiere venue for performances, film screenings, lectures and more. A vibrant gathering place in the heart of the Library, the Trefz Forum fosters an engaged community through civic, arts, and educational programming that reflects the creativity and curiosity of Westporters.

Verso Studios' cutting-edge video production facilities boast a Broadcast Control Suite with a Midas M32 console and a Ross Carbonite 2ME Switcher with six 1080 HD robotic cameras, perfect for event video capture, streaming and the incorporation of live feed audio/visual streams like Zoom, Skype and more.

A 18’ x 10’ Digital Projection Radiance LED 1080 HD screen is the centerpiece of the 54’ x 49’ Forum , a stunning venue for concerts, film screenings, lectures, and performances, with a 400+ audience capacity. The Trefz Forum’s stage is outfitted with universal audio, visual, and computer connections and is handicap accessible.

Verso Studios is equipped to capture the sound recording of any event, large or intimate. The hybrid recording studio has 96 analog ties installed throughout the Forum floor, 24 analog ties from the stage, 24 from Komansky Room (behind the Forum stage), and 48 ties split between the remaining meeting rooms.

Forum Specs

400+ seated, 600 standing

Stage: 35’ x 10’
Audience: 66’ x 60'

Novastar Video Processor, 18’ x 10’ Digital Projection (brand) Radiance LED 1080 digital screen

Ceiling mounted lighting truss with 22 Chauvet Ovation theatrical lights controlled by a Chamsys lighting board

D&B speakers on Forum stage model 24CE x2
D&B speakers mid house fill model 24C x2
D&B Audio 10D amplifiers x2
QSC 115 x2 powered center fill installed beneath the stage
QSC PLX 3402 sub amp
D&B 215 subwoofers x2 installed beneath the stage
M32 console at front of house
M32C for monitors
M32 console broadcast room
All CAT6 integrated

Production gear in support of Verso programming and events

iKan 3 light kit
Generay camera top lights (2)

JVC 500 4K connected cam (3)
Sony A7s11
Canon EOS1D
DJI mini drone
DJI Ronin SC Gimbal

Sennheiser ewG4 wireless lav mic packs (2)
Sennheiser MKH 416 P48 Boom Mic (2)
Audio Recorder
H6 Zoom Audio Recorder with microphones: XYH-6 X/Y mic capsule + MSH-6 MS mic capsule (1)

Ross Carbonite 2ME Switcher
Pearl Mini encoder
PC Dedicated ProPresenter
Midas M32 desk for broadcast audio
Manfrotto Tripods
Paper backdrop rolls various
Inc Green and White
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