Audiobook Recording

Audiobook Recording

Verso Studios Audiobook Sales Deck
With the surging popularity of audio programming and podcasts as well as audiobook services like Audible and Scribd, now is the time to record your book for audio. Our experienced engineers can plan, assist and strategize to record, edit and deliver an engaging, first-rate product.

Audiobooks recorded at The Westport Library:

The American Way: A True Story of Nazi Escape, Superman, and Marilyn Monroe
By Helene Stapinski and Bonnie Siegler 

The Soul's Journey: Guidance from the Divine Within
By Lawrence Edwards

I'm Not Done Yet... And You Shouldn't Be Either
By Dr. Cynthia Barnett

This Was Toscanini
By Lucy Antek Johnson (coming soon)

The Last of The Magi
By George Eli (January 2024)
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