VersoFest 2023 - Screenwriting Master Class

Versofest 2023

Edward Romero

Screenwriting Master Class

Saturday, April 1, 2pm

This class presents an overview of screenplay structure with a focus on the 90-page feature film script. Utilizing Blake Snyder’s popular “beat sheet” method as a starting point, participants will come away with a better understanding of screenplay structure, as well as tools and strategies for completing a feature length script, and hopefully some inspiration to get them started on their screenwriting journey.

Instructor Edward Romero studied screenwriting at UCLA under Hal Ackerman and Deborah Barron and considers himself to be a blue-collar, nuts-and-bolts kind of screenwriter who will discuss methods he has utilized to write dozens of feature-length screenplays. Romero has had four independent features produced as well as three documentaries and a handful of short films.

The goal of the class is to provide the tools to help its participants organize their thoughts into a working screenplay structure.

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