VersoFest 2023 - Master Class Workshop & Rock Photography Panel

Versofest 2023

Katie Settel

Master Class Workshop & Rock Photography Panel

Saturday, 4/1 at 11:30 am

Katie Settel is a Connecticut-based photographer known for her evocative performance images as the in-house photographer at the Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Best known for her images of The Foo Fighters, BB King, and Steven Tyler; Katie Settel sees the world as inherently beautiful. 

This view comes through in her photographs of everything from rock stars to social injustice and has earned her international recognition. Featured in Forbes, People, Venu, and more; Katie has solidified a reputation for getting the shot no one else can. 

Whether breathing new life into ‘(Un)forgotten’ individuals or capturing the unexpected beauty in the present, her approach is the same. 

Connect emotionally. Inspire authenticity. Capture unseen beauty. 

Katie studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology and The International Center of Photography before taking the photography world by storm. 

Her fearless installation ‘(Un)forgotten’ was her first foray into documenting social injustice. Focusing her lens on The Mansfield Training School, a shuttered psychiatric institution, she married vulnerability with unflinching clarity to expose how those most in need of advocating have been forgotten. This exhibit led to national exposure from the associated press, People Magazine, and MSN home.

Today, Katie brings her 15 years of experience to Bridgeport’s new concert arena The Amp as their house photographer; shooting hundreds of concerts to date. Katie previously worked as a house photographer at FTC and the Warehouse where she honed her ability to see the photo before it happens. 

When not shooting concerts, Katie runs her own photography business of events and portraits with a special emphasis on… the moments in between the pose.

Sheryl Crowe by Katie Settel
Buddy Guy by Katie Settel
Sharon Silva by Katie Settel
Aerosmith's Steve Tyler by Katie Settel

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